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    Jan Beyer | LEGO

    Dear all, now the LEGO House AFOL opening as well as the LEGO House Grand Opening are well done and all seems to be very happy about this.

    Daily operations kick in, I still spend some time to clear up and finish the last duties together with the AFOL exhibitors and LEGO House colleagues so all is in place as promised. But of course planning for future AFOL related activities in the LEGO House have already begun - so stay tuned.

    Also the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2017 is not completely forgotten - still looking through great pictures (also to check what I not have managed to see even though being there the whole weekend) and also sorting and answering the last to do emails from that weekend.

    This years SFW was really the biggest we ever have experienced (it has for sure pushed the organisation to the boundaries) and I even in my wildest dreams never could imagine - over 700!!! participants, over 500!!! MOCs, over 70!!! Ambassadors, over 35!!! countries represented - superlatives I never expected when I started this event as the first tiny LEGO Fan Weekend 13 years ago.

    I am so grateful but also very humble and I want to thank all who put their efforts in to make this event happen so many AFOLs (including myself) enjoy so much! We only can do this as a team - we are nothing alone!

    So now back to daily work, planing new activites and being ready for the challenges and changes to come.

    Oh, one last thing - Kim finally convinced me to be active on Instagram (as he puts it "the new Facebook") so go there and see my pictures if you like (Jan Beyer / janb3101)

    Have a great rest of your week and stay strong!


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    17 hours ago, Martin Clarke - LUG'est said:

    Hi Jan

    For the LEGO House will you still be the contact for recommending AFOL Builders for the Galleries, or have you passed this role to someone else. Thanks


    It is still me Martin. So keep them coming. Thanks

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