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  • [Community Manager Weekly] It's Friday and me again!

    Kim Ellekjær Thomsen

    EDIT: Looks like the draft/scheduled publication/prepared blog post did NOT work for me this time.I usually consider myself ok in terms of setting up timed activities like blog posts, surveys and such - but this time it failed - please accept my deepest apologies for not having this out Friday as agreed.


    It's Friday and for some odd reason I am once more the Community Manager doing the Community Manager Weekly - perhaps this should be renamed to Kim Weekly with random visits of other Community Managers?I can't even blame the guy who set up the rotation schedule, because that is me too. I guess I just somewhat failed, even though there are perfectly valid reasonings behind it being me again already.I swear that soon the rotation scheduled will be in motion and then you won't have to hear from me every weel (almost).

    So this week introduced the pseudo-global launch of the LEGO Life app. We had launch "parties" here in Billund and in Enfield as well - check out Paul's and/or Kevin's Instagram for pictures from the US launch party. I left my phone in office and obviously didn't get any photos of our launch here - but as the saying goes "seen one, seen them all" :-)

    LEGO Life will be rolling out globally over the next year, starting out in Europe and the US and then spreading globally. 

    We've also been onboarding loads of new Recognized LEGO User Groups and LEGO Fan Media overe the past week. We ended the reviews ultimo February and started sending out approvals and rejections soon after. Welcome to all those who got approved and we're sorry for those that didn't.

    I approved and onboarded 17 new Recognized LEGO Fan Media all over the world. Perhaps I should share a list of all the recognized LEGO Fan Media in one of my future Community Manager Weekly posts?

    I've also been working more on preparing the LEGO Fan Media Days here in Billund, dated to be May 31st to June 2nd. I know the Recognized LEGO Fan Media are eagerly awaiting more information and invites, but I still need a little time to get everything right and work on some of the logistics. Patience is key.

    Have an awesome weekend, I know I will, I get to celebrate my birthday a little later than actual, but I get to celebrate it with my daughter ( a little early) and we're going bowling with the gramps and grandmas! 

    Take care and Always Be Yourself, unless You can be Batman, then be Batman!

    /kim :-)


    Edited by Kim Thomsen | LEGO

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