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  • [Community Manager Weekly] Convention Support

    Paul Striefler

    Posted by Paul Striefler on March 31st 2017



    Hey All,

    Convention season in the US is upon us!

    We have had a few great conventions throughout the first couple of months of 2017 to get us started; Bricks LA, BrickFair Alabama, and BricksCascade to name a few. Over the next few months we shift into second gear with multiple conventions happening over this time. Please see the awesome list below...

    I thought this would be an excellent time to show you what goes on in my neck of the world in regards to the support I am offering this year to the conventions for you AFOLs in attendance. This support will help go to all the different activities that you know and love as well as for giveaways and prizes. We currently do not accept event support applications to LUGs attending a convention because we are already supporting them in some fashion. Here in the US the convention owners cannot purchase product support as you may know so I decided to help them out by sending each some goodies.

    I spent a few days out in our local warehouse in Enfield unboxing product and then putting it together for all the conventions that I will be supporting this year. It was really nice getting away from my desk and doing something completely different than what I do on a daily basis. It was a very large task and I got quite dirty, but with that being said the process was totally worth it and I had a ton of fun knowing that this will eventually be in the hands of many of you!

    My first convention that I will be participating in will be BrickFair NE in Marlborough Massachusetts which is happening in early May. I hope to see many of you throughout my travels and have highlighted the ones I will be in attendance for. Happy Building!

    Supported Conventions:


    BrickUniverse RaleighBrickFest Live PhillyBrickCan


    BrickFair NE [PS in attendance]


    Brickworld Chicago [PS in attendance]BrickSlopes [PS in attendance]BrickFiesta


    Brickfete [PS in attendance]


    BrickFair VirginiaBricks By The Bay [PS in attendance]


    BrickFair NJ


    BrickCon [PS in attendance]


    Cine Brique








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