• [Community Manager Weekly] - Celebrating 85 yrs of Play

    Jacky Chen | LEGO

    There aren't many chances in one's lifetime to celebrate an 85th anniversary, especially for a company. Just imagine how fortunate we are!

    Continuing the LEGO Global Play Day concept since last year, every LEGO office and factory in the world is using its own way to celebrate this great momentum at the same period of time. Being in Billund for two weeks for our LCE dept days, I'm lucky enough to grab the chance to experience this awesome celebration with the whole team from where everything started. Some photos to take you through some great moments that we've captured.

    Just like what has been said on LEGO.com:"we are 85 years old now, but one thing has stayed unchanged: play and creativity have always been close to our heart, since the early beginnings in 1932."















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    On 9/2/2017 at 2:47 AM, Anna Golson - theBrickBlogger said:

    Booo!!! Illegal building technique alert! Second picture! And that wooden tower looks very precarious! Looks like it was a really fun event! :D 

    We don't mind illegal building techniques as long as they don't go into sets.
    Well unless we can sneak them in there as Easter Eggs :D

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