Jan Beyer

    Hi all, the days are getting colder, it gets dark very early (basically you get to work in the dark and come back home in the dark) and the year is coming slowly to the end so it is time to spend a lot of time on building LEGO Sets.

    So I started to get the sets I wanted to build but had no time to do so until now so first one was the new LEGO House Set, lately the Saturn 5 rocket and now I am working on the Winter Village Station. It is a lot of fun but it takes now a little longer as my 3 year old son is so much into LEGO building now that he always wants to help. That is really great.

    Next on my list will be the Old Fisihing Store and Ninjago City (need to see where to place that one as I run out of space in my LEGO room).

    At work I spend a lot of time on planning cool AFOL related activities with my LEGO House colleagues as well as slowly start to wrap up the passing year and start out plannung for the upcoming year so there will be hopefully a smooth transition and new great things to come for the AFOL Community and the LEGO Group.

     Have a great weekend and keep on building! 

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    I have to build the old fishing store too.  For the moment i'm building the London Bus. A cool set. I hope to find Lester to put inside it.:)

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    I picked up the holiday vignettes a couple of weeks ago and the only one built was the Halloween Haunt. I got to visit the Leicester Square store, and even Lester is still in his packaging! However, I did order and received the Woman of NASA set from Ideas. My youngest daughter and I put it together last night. She built the Space Shuttle, and I took care of the other two.

    I want the Old Fishing Store. It's on my list, also still trying to figure out when I can purchase the Brick Bank, and Assembly Square! I won't be able to pick up Ninjago City, I have to prioritize what sets I can pick up. I do need to get the Winter Village Station! The minifigures that visited Santa's workshop last year were less than impressed by the train platform ;)

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