• [Community Manager Weekly] AFOL test visit @ the LEGO House

    Jan Beyer

    Today we concluded our first week of team meeting (it is great to have Paul and Jacky in Billund) with participating in the AFOL test visit @ the LEGO House.

    Over 200 AFOLs from 8 different countries visited the LEGO House to give the staff an experience how AFOLs act and react as well as experience the LEGO House.

    It was a truely great activity and all sides were very happy and had a lot of fun.

    I am so excited to get to the AFOL opening in September with over 600 AFOLs - it will be so much fun!

    I hope to welcome many of you to the opening or in the time to come in the LEGO House - an exceptional LEGO Brand experience! 





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    It was great to be a part of this test visit. I really enjoyed it. Everything was just the way I hoped it would be - except the AFOL exhibition(s). There is room for improvement. OK, everything was not set up yet, but I did not like the way things were displayed. It is of course my personal opinion, but I find the lightning and the reflex in the glass very disturbing. Downstairs in the vault it works perfectly, so why not upstairs?

    But again it was great, and I really look forward to the 22nd of September where I will have plenty of time to try all the building experiences, which I did not do yesterday.

    Below I attach a couple of pictures: My first LEGO set (LEGO Mursten from 1952)(I got it in 1954), the iconic Yellow Castle (LEGO set 375), and me under one of the fantastic dinosaurs.




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    It was really great! I just got home and I can't wait to go back again. Obviously I spent most of the time in the basement, in the History zone, but everything was simply awesome.

    Is it September 22 yet?

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    I'm really impressed with how well it has turned out, I'd love to visit again.

    Some photos to show the progress between June and now:







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