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  • [Community Manager Weekly] A weekend Road Trip in Taiwan

    Jacky Chen

    Posted by Jacky Chen on April 21st 2017



    How was the Easter weekend for everyone? I hope it was full of joy and bricks! For me, even we don’t have the tradition to celebrate in particular, I still want to share how I spent my fantastic weekend.

    The weather starts to get warmer in Asia, so does the community. I am lucky enough to take on a trip to Taiwan while 3 AFOL activities happening at the same weekend, but of course in different cities.

    Day One: Taipei – Taichung

    It’s the 2nd time for me to join Pockyland’s regional gatherings and this time moved to the central area. The transportation costs us 2 hours on the road, and guess what? What a perfect timing for re-watching the LEGO Movie for the 101th time! Nobody takes a nap! Well, it seems we can take even longer trip when the LEGO Batman Movie DVD releases. ;p

    The party itself was really fun and inspiring, many AFOLs brought over their recent MOCs and latest sets for fellow AFOLs to have a closer look and play with. An ancient saying said by Bruce Banner, there isn’t an unbreakable MOC on this planet. Well, a super-duper Alaskan Malamute MOC was unintentionally smashed by the power of Hulk during the party. What we see from the builder and the group wasn’t blaming and complaining but rapidly grouped up and started to rebuilt it. And of course they made it less than 1 hour!

    Day Two: Taichung – Miaoli County – Taipei

    After a short break in Taichung for the night, we took off to the Miaoli County. The county arts exhibition center sponsored a group of local AFOLs for displaying their MOCs. As I see it, this is not only an exhibition but also containing the entire journey of their LEGO hobby. I saw how a great builder evolved from an enthusiastic LEGO collector, 1st MOC built by 10 years ago, 1st time won a contest, and a lot other stories to discover. I particularly love one display made by hundreds of empty old LEGO boxes. The AFOL builder told me that he decided to dump them all due to the limited spaces but wanted to give it a chance to show at publics. What a nice and thoughtful retirement plan.

    Day Three: Taipei – Shanghai

    The last day was short but a very eye opening opportunity to learn how AFOL creations tapping into the ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) area to attract younger generation. Pockyland was invited to run an exhibition at Taipei City Street (Underground) where normally lots of youth appears. Younger AFOL builders like Mike Dung and Eric Tsai found their stage to shine their love and talent. I couldn’t even resist my camera to take photos for all those cutest characters. J

    I’ve uploaded more photos of this trip to a flickr album (URL), check out if interested. (featured image credit to Chris Visnjic)

    See you next time.










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