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    Celebration Breakfast: The Unikitty in all of us!

    Jordan Paxton

    In August we got the opportunity to leave Biznis Kitty at the door and have a Celebration Breakfast in the honor of Unikitty!

    Throughout the day each of us is probably goes through a spectrum of Unikitty personas and with great food and friends Queasy Kitty, Rage Kitty and Angry kitty were no where to be found!

    Today we were tasked with food and building LEGO® set 41453 Party Time from the Unikitty! theme. Our Denmark team was pretty food focused though and it appears they all followed the instructions. Emmet would be proud, Wyldstyle not so much.


    The vibe must have been different with the Enfield team though, as it looks like they were more inspired by American Gladiators!



    With Department Days and Skærbæk coming up our next Celebration Breakfast could be the entire team!


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