• Celebration Breakfast: Exclusive Creative Storybook Gift with Purchase

    Sara Skahill

    For June’s celebration breakfast on the AFOL Engagement Team, all team members were tasked with building the Creative Storybook Gift with Purchase and customizing it as we saw fit. This was a really fun experience, as at least on the US team, we don’t always have the same access to Gift with Purchase sets as other sets, and this was a really cute one, which is similar in concept to the next LEGO Ideas set.

    Here are some of the customizations we created:




    In the US, we faced a challenge in getting the set quickly. Luckily Darryl had the right contacts in LEGO Shop at Home, so a couple of our builds were Darryl themed.
    Alyssa found herself missing a bag of bricks - but was able to build Darryl "Danger Zone" Kelley riding into battle on his trusty swan sidekick while dual wielding his unsalted pretzel-chucks.


    In Tim's model, you see our esteemed colleague, dressed up as Sam Flynn, dribbling a basketball while holding a pretzel (with no salt, who does that?). He even has his own cheer squad!


    And of course, Darryl built his own Darryl themed model, complete with Scooby Doo.


    To those in the US, we wish you a fun a safe 4th of July!

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