• Building set 21313 Ship in a bottle

    Jan Beyer

    Today I built the new LEGO Ideas set #21313 Ship in a bottle together with my son. It is a very nice build with a lot of details and pretty good looking.

    A lot of transparet elements used in the bottle so that can be very interesting too.

    Also all decorated elements are printed which is very nice - the box as well as the instructions look Ideas typical high quality and include details about the fan designer as well as the LEGO designers involved.

    Building time approx. 1 1/2 hours.

    We had fun - check out the pictures.











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    I love the bottle, and the stand. But the ship just seems to be cut off at the top. I wonder if rotating the bottle so it sits at an angle would give a bit more room to make the sails taller. Otherwise lovely set.

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    I haven't made a move to acquire this one yet, thinking it might be a gift coming up in 7 days from my wife! I was on the fence, but it continues to grow on me as I study the various pictures.

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