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    Being festive in Shanghai - AFOL Festival 2018

    Jacky Chen

    It has been three weeks since the 2nd AFOL Festival taken place in Aug 11-12, but the heat is still around. People were still talking about it, some even started to plan the exhibits for next year. As for a year two baby, the accomplishment was amazing. The event attracts 100+ AFOL participants (vs. 60+ in LY), in which 20 of them made their own trip from outside of mainland China incl. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines. In the post event survey, the participation NPS goes beyond 9.5 which is absolutely impressive. Here allow me to express my upmost gratitude to the event organizer and committee who made this happen. 

    Now, let's together take a look back at those stunning MOCs and other cool activities during the event. 


    Geng, drove 20 hours from Beijing to Shanghai with his stylish buildings. These are actually one-third of what he built at home. 


    Robin and his proposing gift for his fiancée Michelle. Such a romantic Technic creation that has done its work perfectly.


    Lu Sim and PHLUG members brought their mecha and Marvel Brickheadz creations.


    TonyToy with his Brickheadz creations featuring WOW characters. (of course my favorite ;p)


    The above three photos are all belong to one collaborative project led by Heroes Club "Futuristic City". Incredible details and amazing story in it.

    Given the length of the blog, I have to stop here but there are many more stunning MOCs on the event. If you are interested, please check out the post by AFOL Festival here.


    A bird view at the crowd. It was impressive to have so many visitors with limited promotion and distant location. Truly dedication!

    Also, we are also lucky to have Carl Merriam from the LEGO Design Team flying over from Billund, Denmark to visit the event and engage with the community. He made the workshops to talk about how he became a LEGO designer and touched about the fun stories in the design process. At the end of each session, he showed the AFOLs how to use LEGO bricks to build a huge toothbrush in a way that it's strong enough to carry and play. 


    Event concluded in two days, but the fun continues. We brought a group of 80 AFOLs to the LEGO Jiaxing Factory for a unique AFOL tour and some additional building activity.


    Looks familiar? It's exactly a mosaic replica of the LEGO Jiaxing Set (mosaic designed by Prince Jiang). ;)

    At last, a few reflection from myself. Having the event like this and many other awesome AFOL events in the world, the community is evolving like a big family. Border and language are never the issue for AFOLs to share, inspire and grow. TLG is so blessed to have such an amazing community who loves the brand so much and exactly represents what the company is standing for - creativity, fun, imagination, learning, caring and quality. 

    I hope to see more of you next year! (photo credit to Frankfox)


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    All great creations. I especially liked the Marry Me LEGO creation. I would like to know the functions behind the creation.

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