• Becoming a beacon - Japan Brickfest 2018

    Jacky Chen

    Last weekend, I traveled to Kobe, Japan to participate the 4th (my 3rd) Japan Brickfest Event. The event is organized by Kansai LUG and a bunch of passionate AFOL volunteers across Asia. This year, around 300 AFOLs from 10+ different countries and regions were presented at this event, which also known as Kobe Fan Weekend.

    The event was growing rapidly over the past two years, kept doubling its size year by year. Also with the increasing number of international participants, it carries out great diversity in terms of theme, technique and culture. There are so many cool MOCs being showed at the event and also come with great workshops by skillful AFOLs. Let’s take a peek at some of those from the photos taken at the event. Nevertheless, I sincerely encourage you to make a visit to the event in person whenever you got the chance, it’s definitely a place you will fall in love with.

    (Start with a LAN ambassador summit)


    (a cutie spinning sushi with Brickheadz customers by Dr. Peigan)


    (Traditional Chinese Emperor's Palace setup by John Cheng)


    (fierce black dragon by Timothy Ng)


    (super creative rebuild by shiopon)



    (LEGO Designer Frédéric Roland Andre was doing Q&A after presentation)


    (free build at AFOL party, guess which one's mine and which one is by Mecha Master Lu Sim!)

    At last, allow me to thank to the great work @Edwin Knight- KLUG and KLUG has done, as well as every volunteer and builder who put an effort into this event. Japan Brickfest can’t be this great without everyone’s contribution. Keep going!

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