• Another Monday, another day!

    Kim Thomsen

    Another Monday, another day working for the best company in the world (in my humble opinion at least).

    So despite it being Monday morning and yes, it is gray and rainy here in Denmark, I feel fantastic.

    We're getting ready for another one of those weeks where all the Community Managers are in one place. It's the best times as we get to discuss face to face instead of via dubious videocalls and drop-out phone calls. We will be discussing and evaluating all our support programs and structures as we usually do once per year. 

    We constantly strive to support and engage with the AFOL Community the best we can and that requires lots and loads of talks and evaluations. It seems that the world is spinning faster every day and new initiatves and trends keep us on our toes. What we did last year might not create any real value to us nor the AFOL Community this year or next year. So we do these talks and evaluations as often as possible - challenging everything from phone calls to LUGBULK to ensure that we do (what we believe to be) the right thing as often as possible.

    An no, I do not believe LUGBULK is going away, but it is very refreshing to discuss questions such as "What would happen if we shut down LUGBULK?"

    Once we're done with this week of Community Manager meetings, we head into next week gathering the entire LEGO Community Engagement department here in Billund - which will allow our team to be complete as Sara is the only non-Community Manager from our team seated outside of BIllund. I am really looking forward to having the entire team and also the entire department in one place. 

    Just before I left for the weekend this Friday, I had the esteemed honor of taking all the fan designers from the LEGO Remake project on a factory tour at Kornmarken. It was magic finally getting to meet all these great guys in real life. We've spend so much time communicating back and forth on LEGO Remake and now, all of the sudden, we all meet and I got to say "Thank You!" for real instead of via e-mail. I'd like to extend a special thank you to Nathan (Rebrickable) for all the work and engagement he put in when we approached him with the idea of the LEGO Remake project. , He was instrumental in setting up communication and in identifying the fan designers for the LEGO Remake project.

    Thank You guys - you're amazing and I hope we can call on you and your community again whenever opportunities arise!



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    Just wondering; what is the planned future of Remake? I really like the website and the whole idea of alternate instructions,  and I often send people over who are looking for alternate models for their sets. But there haven't been any new models added for quite a while.

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    21 hours ago, Nathan Thom | Rebrickable said:

    We are still discussing options for the future of Remake. Once we can say anything for certain I will definitely post about it on Rebrickable.

    Thanks, Nathan! Looking forward to hear about it!

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