• AE Celebration Breakfast

    Sara Skahill

    Every month, the AFOL Engagement Team at The LEGO Group gathers for a celebration breakfast, during which we discuss major accomplishments for the prior month and engage in a building activity. April's building activity was to take 31068 LEGO Creator Modular Modern Home and make some simple custom changes to it. Keep in mind that while we work with super talented AFOLs everyday, we lack their talent, although everyone had fun building.



    Someone even added an important room to their modular (although the walls appear to be windows?). 

    In the Enfield and Shanghai office, we naturally couldn't take part in the breakfast (it was set for 2 am EST which is a bit early for me at least), but we did share our models as well. 


    Jacky in Shanghai also took part, building a version of his apartment!

    Looking forward to May's celebration breakfast building challenge!

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