• Paul Striefler | LEGO
    Posted by Paul Striefler on April 28th 2017

    Hey All,
    I can’t believe that the first four months of 2017 are already behind us! It seems like just yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year.
    As I reflect, a lot of fun stuff has happened… In January we on-boarded several new LUGs in each of our regions, the resurgence of the BLOG is in full effect, we saw the release of the highly anticipated LEGO Batman Movie, an excellent RLUG Workshop in Enfield took place, the global launch of the LEGO Life app came to fruition, 4 ambassadors joined us for the Annual Result, the new Shanghai Hub has opened as well as the first LEGO Certified Store, and many incredible events have taken place globally.  I know the list goes on and there are so many more great things that I didn't even mention and that there will be more to come over the next few months as well as the remainder of the year.
    I think that this is truly amazing and what has been accomplished in just the first quarter of the year not just by the LEGO Group but also with you the fans, is very inspirational. I am not sure you can get that close-knit type of community anywhere else in the world. There has certainly been a bunch of hard work by all the different people involved and it has not come without a few bumps in the road. I think that is also what makes this community unique. We all share the same passion for this wonderful brand and hobby. I am happy to be a part of this journey and cannot wait to see what’s next!
    I know that LCE has some exciting things on the horizon and we hope to be sharing that information real soon. I promise you will approve! I will be travelling to BrickFair NE next weekend and am really looking forward to seeing everyone in attendance. Due to the event’s proximity to the Enfield office, many LEGO employees will be in attendance both in an official capacity as well as for fun. Even Bali Padda (new Chief Executive Officer) will be getting in on the action. He will be presenting about himself and his LEGO journey. He has also decided to bring four or five Corporate Management members with him. This certainly will be a treat as we have not had any of the higher ups join us at a US Fan Event for over 10 years.
    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy building!

    Kim Thomsen

    Easter has come and gone and we've identified the raffle winners for the #LEGOEaster pictures shared in the picture pool.
    In no particular order the winners are:
    "Rabbots first Easter" by brickeyed - Renay from Jay's Brick Blog
    "Hoppy Easter Everyone" by tronsoda from Toy Photographers
    "Sweet treats from the easter bunny" by shellanie astorga from PinoyLUG
    All winners have been contacted via Flickr Mail and will each recieve one 21309 LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas) one week prior to global launch on June 1st.
    In the next couple of days we will be drawing the remaining 7 winners of smaller goodie bags! So check back - the remaining 7 winners will also be contacted via Flickr mail.



    Jacky Chen | LEGO
    Posted by Jacky Chen on April 21st 2017

    How was the Easter weekend for everyone? I hope it was full of joy and bricks! For me, even we don’t have the tradition to celebrate in particular, I still want to share how I spent my fantastic weekend.
    The weather starts to get warmer in Asia, so does the community. I am lucky enough to take on a trip to Taiwan while 3 AFOL activities happening at the same weekend, but of course in different cities.
    Day One: Taipei – Taichung
    It’s the 2nd time for me to join Pockyland’s regional gatherings and this time moved to the central area. The transportation costs us 2 hours on the road, and guess what? What a perfect timing for re-watching the LEGO Movie for the 101th time! Nobody takes a nap! Well, it seems we can take even longer trip when the LEGO Batman Movie DVD releases. ;p
    The party itself was really fun and inspiring, many AFOLs brought over their recent MOCs and latest sets for fellow AFOLs to have a closer look and play with. An ancient saying said by Bruce Banner, there isn’t an unbreakable MOC on this planet. Well, a super-duper Alaskan Malamute MOC was unintentionally smashed by the power of Hulk during the party. What we see from the builder and the group wasn’t blaming and complaining but rapidly grouped up and started to rebuilt it. And of course they made it less than 1 hour!
    Day Two: Taichung – Miaoli County – Taipei
    After a short break in Taichung for the night, we took off to the Miaoli County. The county arts exhibition center sponsored a group of local AFOLs for displaying their MOCs. As I see it, this is not only an exhibition but also containing the entire journey of their LEGO hobby. I saw how a great builder evolved from an enthusiastic LEGO collector, 1st MOC built by 10 years ago, 1st time won a contest, and a lot other stories to discover. I particularly love one display made by hundreds of empty old LEGO boxes. The AFOL builder told me that he decided to dump them all due to the limited spaces but wanted to give it a chance to show at publics. What a nice and thoughtful retirement plan.
    Day Three: Taipei – Shanghai
    The last day was short but a very eye opening opportunity to learn how AFOL creations tapping into the ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) area to attract younger generation. Pockyland was invited to run an exhibition at Taipei City Street (Underground) where normally lots of youth appears. Younger AFOL builders like Mike Dung and Eric Tsai found their stage to shine their love and talent. I couldn’t even resist my camera to take photos for all those cutest characters. J
    I’ve uploaded more photos of this trip to a flickr album (URL), check out if interested. (featured image credit to Chris Visnjic)
    See you next time.


    Jan Beyer | LEGO
    Posted by Jan Beyer on April 7th 2017

    s this was my last week before Easter Holidays you can imagine it was quite busy.
    On Monday we had a very pleseant first 2017 Billund HQ visit by 35 lovely Fairy Bricks members and it was a true pleasure.
    The paar few days I spent a lot of my time on the LEGO House making sure the AFOL Community as well as their MOCs ars very well represented.
    On Wednesday I had a meeting with the LEGOWorld CPH Steering Group as well as the Event Organizer from LEGO Nordic to finish of the 2017 event and start initial discussions around the 2018 event.
    As you can see as always a wide variety of activities - so much fun!
    So to finish off I wish you on behalf of the entire LCE Department a Happy Easter.

    Paul Striefler | LEGO
    Posted by Paul Striefler on March 31st 2017

    Hey All,
    Convention season in the US is upon us!
    We have had a few great conventions throughout the first couple of months of 2017 to get us started; Bricks LA, BrickFair Alabama, and BricksCascade to name a few. Over the next few months we shift into second gear with multiple conventions happening over this time. Please see the awesome list below...
    I thought this would be an excellent time to show you what goes on in my neck of the world in regards to the support I am offering this year to the conventions for you AFOLs in attendance. This support will help go to all the different activities that you know and love as well as for giveaways and prizes. We currently do not accept event support applications to LUGs attending a convention because we are already supporting them in some fashion. Here in the US the convention owners cannot purchase product support as you may know so I decided to help them out by sending each some goodies.
    I spent a few days out in our local warehouse in Enfield unboxing product and then putting it together for all the conventions that I will be supporting this year. It was really nice getting away from my desk and doing something completely different than what I do on a daily basis. It was a very large task and I got quite dirty, but with that being said the process was totally worth it and I had a ton of fun knowing that this will eventually be in the hands of many of you!
    My first convention that I will be participating in will be BrickFair NE in Marlborough Massachusetts which is happening in early May. I hope to see many of you throughout my travels and have highlighted the ones I will be in attendance for. Happy Building!
    Supported Conventions:
    BrickUniverse RaleighBrickFest Live PhillyBrickCan
    BrickFair NE [PS in attendance]
    Brickworld Chicago [PS in attendance]BrickSlopes [PS in attendance]BrickFiesta
    Brickfete [PS in attendance]
    BrickFair VirginiaBricks By The Bay [PS in attendance]
    BrickFair NJ
    BrickCon [PS in attendance]
    Cine Brique


    Jacky Chen | LEGO
    Posted by Jacky Chen on March 24th 2017

    Last night I attended the LCS pre-opening VIP night event together with 10 local AFOLs in Shanghai. The LCP in HK, Andy Hung has brought three of his masterpieces to celebrate the store opening which are two iconic buildings of Shanghai, a few eastern style modular houses and a mosaic Shanghai skyline. They will be permanently displayed at the store until further notice, so don’t miss them if you have the chance to come by.
    The event started at sharp 7pm, when LCP, AFOLs and a few invited kids built the LEGO keys to open the door of LCS. Once everybody was in, a group of store staff performed a dance show which is very entertaining and indeed energetic. The store manager gave a short speech to welcome all attendees and revealed the breathtaking work with Andy. Everybody was amazed and cannot even move their eyes away from it.
    A highlight of the night was when a 4th-grade boy shyly pulled over one of the AFOLs and asked about how to build up his LEGO parts collection and build better MOCs. Isn’t that exactly how the AFOLs inspiring the builders of tomorrow? As least I see an enthusiastic young TFOL is arising.
    Thanks for all AFOLs who spared their personal time in the evening to participate this VIP night event, I believe they all had a great time and get their purse ready for the official opening this Saturday.
    Almost forget, two events teaser from Asia:
    First, I’m exciting to share that this year’s Japan Brickfest (Kobe Fan Weekend) is going to be a blast! More than 270 AFOLs from 10 countries (approx. 70 of them will be travelling from out of Japan) have registered for the event. The organizer has to find another hall to suffice the needs due to the increasing AFOL participants. How amazing! I really look forward to meeting everybody in June at this event. Spoiler Alert: Tanja will be there as well! J
    Second, a group of Chinese AFOLs is planning for a secret event in Shanghai this summer. It aims at gathering most of the talented local AFOLs for the very first time to showcase their MOCs, have parties, do workshops, run contests and most importantly inspire one another for their LEGO hobby. Unfortunately that’s all I could disclose for the moment, I believe the Chinese ambassadors will be able to share more on LAN when time comes closer. Do let them know if there is any interest to visit or exhibit.
    That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend and don’t put your hands away from the bricks!
    (Credit to XMing Jin for the photos)


    Jan Beyer | LEGO
    Posted by Jan Beyer on March 17th 2017

    Hi all, most of this week Kim and myself moved our little warehouse where we keep all the materials (old, very old and newer LEGO Sets, rare and sought LEGO elements, LEGO Community related magazines and other rare items) to use with the AFOL community from one place in Billund to another.
    As we are kind of hoarders for the sake of serving the AFOL community we collected a lot of stuff over the years so we moved around 25! Euro pallets of good stuff. :-)
    It kept us busy for 3 full days moving and sorting but now almost all is in place in the new warehouse.
    Another cool thing in this week is the awesome Rebrick contest https://www.lego.com/en-us/rebrick/contest-page/contests/mini-modulars related to the 10 years anniversary of the modular buildings - I am sure you agree with me that the prize is insanely cool! 
    So I expect many of you to join this contest! 

    Kim Thomsen

    Hi everybody, it's Friday, spring is here and this week The LEGO Group announced the Annual Result for 2016.
    Outside the sun is shining and you can really sense spring is here. Well it did rain quite a bit yesterday, but still. Winter is gone (or coming soon on HBO) and everything is moving in the right direction.
    The result is not as important as the fact that 4 ambassadors took the time and trip to Billund to join the press conference and meet with me. Well actually more ambassadors made the trip as Henry from Klemmbaussteinlyrik, Andres from Zusammengebaut and Michael from Promobricks were all here as well as regular press in agreement with their market.
    So it was quite the gathering and we were fortunate enough to cross paths several times during the day.
    The 4 ambassadors travelling here for the LCE driven part of the Annual Result were; Gary Davis (The Brickish Association), Francesco Spreafico (ItLUG), Sophie Deprez (LCC) and Lesilie Araujo (PinoyLUG).
    We met before 9 and talked while we waited for the press conference. As Bali passed we managed to get a quick greet with him before he had to rush of to prepare his part of the press conference - he did promise to meet us afterwards for a quick talk and some pictures.
    Then the press conference started at 10 o'clock and 30 minutes later it was all over.For those who missed the live stream, you can watch the recording here
    But that was also when our program really kicked off - we rushed to the first floor for the 10 minutes session we had with Bali which was awesome. Bali was truly impressed that the ambassadors had taken time to come to Billund and even travel for up to 17 hours as Leslie had to do so. 
    We took some great pictures with Leslie's supercamera and I hope he will share them with the rest of you.
    Then we went back to the press conference area and spend half an hour or so talking to the designers from Boost, Technic, Friends and the LEGO Life team present there.
    We then did a tour of Kornmarken factory and returned for catering lunch before getting tour of the LEGO House with Jesper Vilstrup (the LEGO House director). I've never been in the LEGO House and I really enjoyed it - which I am certain the ambassadors did as well.
    Once the tour was over, we still had a little while before going seperate ways and we made good use of it by checking out Memory Lane in the basement of the LEGO Idea House and a quick visit to the employee store.
    It was an amazing day and for me it was full of good talks with the ambassadors and being reassured that what we do and achieve in cooperation with the community is beyond fantastic.
    Thank you for coming, thank you for being awesome and thank you for being honest.
    As a quick update I can also announce that the preparations for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days are going well. Brickheadz announced that they want to be part of the interview day as well as Technic. LEGOLAND shot me an e-mail today saying they'd be more than happy to do something on Friday June 2nd with the RLFM there. So while some parts (the accomodation agreements) are behind schedule, I am certain it will be as awesome as this Thursday was.
    Have a great weekend and always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then be Batman!

    Paul Striefler | LEGO
    Posted by Paul Striefler on March 3rd 2017
    Happy Friday All!
    Today marks the seventh year in a row, the LEGO Group has been ranked in the Top 10 of the Reputation Institute annual RepTrak 100 survey and this year climbing the list to the number 2 rank!
    I think this is quite an amazing feat and truly is a reflection of our values, passion, and brand advocacy that not just our employees but our fans and consumers show on a daily basis for this wonderful brand. When you take a look at the top 10 list of companies that we are ranked against it is very humbling as most of these organizations are trusted, respected, and admired globally. I am happy to be a part of this journey and want to thank all of you for your support, love for your hobby and our brand!
    If you would like to read the article in its entirety please follow the link (https://www.lego.com/en-us/aboutus)
    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Building!

    Jacky Chen | LEGO

    [CMW] The Moving Day

    By Jacky Chen | LEGO, in LAN blog,

    Posted by Jacky Chen on February 24th 2017

    Dear AFOL community,
    Wow, time really flies. I haven’t even fully revived from CNY and It’s me again. The random visitor to Kim’s Weekly. /chuckle  
    Next Monday we will be officially moving into the new Shanghai Hub which has been prepared for quite a long time. The past week was a crazy one of packing and moving. After being for 20 months in this office, I’m surprised a little to find out I’ve packed more than 10 K8 boxes full of good stuff (sets, polybags, t-shirts). I’m really looking forward to putting them into some good use in the future community activities.
    Underneath from the huge improvement of physical working environment, the most beautiful thing of moving into this hub is that we will be living with a New Way of Working which we normally know as Hot Desking (but it's way more than that). There won’t be any fixed spot for anybody, even the top management. It is an activity based working style and gives us lots of autonomy and variety on choosing the right working stations for different tasks. It's all about effectiveness and collaboration. How you work and where do you work, totally up to yourself. What an exciting challenge!
    At last, thanks to the great effort by Ana and all involved stakeholders, the Annual RLUG support packages has started to leave from different warehouses all the way to RLUGs. Your ambassadors shall be receiving them from time to time. We can’t wait to see another amazing year in this community.
    See you all next month.
    (PS: the featured image is a work by the Australian LCP - Ryan McNaught)