• Tim Courtney
    A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Brickworld Chicago. Here are some of my highlights from the awesome displays and engaging sessions.
    Aside from Tormod‚Äôs amazing LEGO Ambassador Network session ūüėČ I was happy to catch Simon Liu‚Äôs TFOL roundtable. Simon is great at giving young fans a forum to talk about how they approach community and what it means in their lives. It was great seeing a couple ‚Äúgenerations‚ÄĚ of former TFOLs there to encourage them including Chris Maddison (a good friend from my own TFOL days long ago), Tyler Clites, and Nannan Zhang. I plan to bring the insights from this session into LEGO IDEAS and our AFOL Engagement department.

    It was so awesome to meet a few IDEAS members face to face and check out their product ideas on display:
    Tiny House by Daniel Barwegen Black Falcon‚Äôs Fortress by Mark Erickson Coraline‚Äôs Pink Palace Apartments by Holly Webster Crash Bandicoot by Jarren Harkema Falconhurst Treehouse by Tim Stone Pop-Up Book co-creator Grant Davis And finally a couple of the originals ‚Äď Glen Wadleigh (GlenBricker) and Ellen Kooijman (Alatariel) from The Big Bang Theory and Research Institute sets.

    On the display side, a few favorites were:
    CincyLUG’s train layout. Their buildings really captured the feel of a midwestern downtown for me. They didn’t over-extend themselves and kept the layout simple with ballast on baseplates and beautiful trains to compliment the buildings. Terry Akuna’s Airship. Yes, that’s an actual flying, motorized, radio controlled airship. Great case of building a model with LEGO bricks and augmenting with other motors and electronics. Henley Street Bridge. I love infrastructure. This bridge was clean and included several modes of transportation and recreation in a clean cross-section. I was most impressed by James Burrows’ Jurassic Park roller coaster built using CoasterDynamix. It was fast, had multiple loops, and operated two trains simultaneously. He told me that it took him three weeks of full time building.

    Tormod, Yun Mi, Johnny, and I also had the privilege of being the first inside Adam Reed Tucker’s Blocks to Bricks museum. WOW! What an incredible tribute to construction models and building toys, celebrating the history of the building block that led to the LEGO brick and beyond. Adam's vast collection dates back to stone architectural blocks from the 1800’s and features his own wood and cardboard models as an architecture student. Blocks to Bricks is worth a trip to Chicago, where you can pair it with a visit to the Chicago Architecture Foundation and an architectural river boat tour.

    Chicago is my home, so I’ve been attending Brickworld off and on since the beginning. It was great to be back after missing two years in a row. I missed the M:TRON collaborative display though. Next year, bring back the power of magnets!

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    Sara Skahill
    Do you have a favorite building, structure, or landmark? Even if it’s no longer standing or you’ve moved away, architecture marvels can still be meaningful to us. In this last LEGO Rebrick contest, we invite you to build your most beloved place, city, or building using LEGO bricks!
    One grand prize winner, will win:
    ‚Äʬ†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 21019 The Eiffel Tower, 21028 New York City, 21029 Buckingham Palace, 21030 United States Capitol Building, 21032 Sydney, 21033 Chicago, 21034 London, 21035 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum¬ģ, 21036 Arc de Triomphe, 21037 LEGO¬ģ House, 21039 Shanghai, 21041 Great Wall of China, 21042¬†Statue of Liberty, and an upcoming 2018 LEGO Architecture product not yet revealed
    ‚Äʬ†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† $200 shopping spree on Shop.LEGO.com
    ‚Äʬ†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Winner‚Äôs certificate
    We will also have two runner ups, who will win 21032 Sydney, 21033 Chicago, 21034 London, 21035 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum¬ģ, 21036 Arc de Triomphe, 21039 Shanghai, 21041 Great Wall of China, 21042¬†Statue of Liberty, an upcoming 2018 LEGO Architecture product not yet revealed, and a Winner‚Äôs certificate.
    The contest ends August 2nd, learn more and enter at:
    Please leave any questions you have in the comments of the blog post, and share the news with your fellow community members!

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    Kim Thomsen
    From May 30th to June 1st we had the pleasure of hosting the 3rd Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days here in Billund. The popularity of the event has certainly grown and we had 21 RLFMs here with nearly 30 representatives from the various fan media in total.
    Present were representatives from :
    Beyond The Brick Blocks Blocks Hungary Brick Architect Brick Fanatics Brickfinder Brickset Eurobricks Hello Bricks Hispabrick Magazine Hoth Bricks JediNews Klemmbausteinlyrik LTR  Promobricks Sariel.pl Stuck in Plastic The Brothers Brick The New Elementary Toy Photographers Zusammengebaut Wednesday kicked off with an icebreaker activity where the participants had to build themselves as a BrickHeadz figure using the 41597 Go Brick Me set. The personalized BrickHeadz were later used for a group photo:

    With the ice broken we moved into talks, discussions and presentations circling topics such as leaks, Novelty Policy, Plants from Plants and Market Integration. I will not go into details on these topics as I am certain the RLFM present most likely will do their own articles on what happened and what was discussed. My impression was that both the legal team present, the Plants from Plants team and the RLFM all benefited from being there and participating.


    Thursday was, as usual, the most hectic day being the Interview Day. We successfully planned and ran more than 70 interviews with various LEGO designers and key personnel from the AFOL Engagement Department.

    Once the interviews were done, we grabbed pizza and a bunch of the new LEGO City Trains and spend the evening building and playing with them. Despite the joys of having the new trains in hand, it was a bit frustrating to discover that we had no batteries to power them up (sorry!)
    Friday was spend at the LEGO House participating in the Press Conference unveiling the new LEGO Technic Bugatti Supercar. It was an awesome event where the RLFM had front row seat and an additional 30 minutes were added to the press conference Q&A to be able to answer the technical questions from the RLFMs.

    Thank You for coming and for being truly amazing. I am fairly certain we want to do this again next year.

    Jacky Chen
    Last weekend, I traveled to Kobe, Japan to participate the 4th (my 3rd) Japan Brickfest Event. The event is organized by Kansai LUG and a bunch of passionate AFOL volunteers across Asia. This year, around 300 AFOLs from 10+ different countries and regions were presented at this event, which also known as Kobe Fan Weekend.
    The event was growing rapidly over the past two years, kept doubling its size year by year. Also with the increasing number of international participants, it carries out great diversity in terms of theme, technique and culture. There are so many cool MOCs being showed at the event and also come with great workshops by skillful AFOLs. Let’s take a peek at some of those from the photos taken at the event. Nevertheless, I sincerely encourage you to make a visit to the event in person whenever you got the chance, it’s definitely a place you will fall in love with.

    (Start with a LAN ambassador summit)

    (a cutie spinning sushi with Brickheadz customers by Dr. Peigan)

    (Traditional Chinese Emperor's Palace setup by John Cheng)

    (fierce black dragon by Timothy Ng)

    (super creative rebuild by shiopon)

    (LEGO Designer Frédéric Roland Andre was doing Q&A after presentation)

    (free build at AFOL party, guess which one's mine and which one is by Mecha Master Lu Sim!)
    At last, allow me to thank to the great work @Edwin Knight- KLUG and KLUG has done, as well as every volunteer and builder who put an effort into this event. Japan Brickfest can’t be this great without everyone’s contribution. Keep going!

    Jan Beyer
    Hi all - I have exciting news to share.
    The LEGO House was under its way for 7 years and has tickled the curiosity of creative LEGO fans all along. The process was followed by a camera crew and has resulted in a great documentary that is now airing globally on NETFLIX. Some of you might already have seen it at closed events.
    But now it is out there for everybody. From 15th June you can discover the fascinating LEGO spirit manifested in the ultimate LEGO building on all NETFLIX servers globally.
    The original idea behind the LEGO House came from Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen ‚Äď a dream for the LEGO Group and for the town of Billund.
    A unique journey into the making of a house built on a foundation of dreams. This is a construction diary unfolding the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick.
    The concept has all the way been to build a LEGO House which would offer the most amazing hands-on experiences and inspire the guests to embrace creativity.
    This includes a one of a kind architectural idea by BIG and Bjarke Ingels, a restaurant that serves the food by robots, 25 million LEGO bricks and dedicated staff that tries, fails and revises ideas in order to reach the company motto: Only the best is good enough.
    You can watch the trailer here: 

    Chestnut Amatong/PhLUG
    We, the Philippine LEGO Users Group or PhLUG, come from a small archipelago in southeast Asia called the Philippines.  Unattached to mainland Asia, travelling to and around the country would usually entail a series of connecting airplane, boat and bus rides.  But no matter how cumbersome the expected trip will be, we find more and more travelers every year in search for that unique experience apparently no other similar island destination offers.
    One thing our country is most famous for is our beaches.  With 7,100 islands, we have them everywhere! So this year, for Abrickadabra LEGO Fan Festival, our yearly fan event held in the last weekend of May, we decided to build our most popular beach destination called Boracay Island.
    The LEGO colors of tan, medium azure and blue perfectly captured the creamy white sand and sparkling clear blue water of the world’s most beautiful island in 2016 (Conde Nast Traveler 2016).  Sadly, this famous destination is currently closed to visitors while undergoing rehabilitation.  In some way, we wanted the diorama to remind us of the island’s natural beauty and at the same time promote the importance of environment conservation.

    We featured other equally interesting builds ‚Äď a Japanese landscape ‚Äúwith a twist‚ÄĚ according to our castle builders.¬† It was later revealed by them that it was a setting for a Dungeons and Dragons adventure story in LEGO!

    Our Star Wars fan builders recreated the exciting Battle of Crait scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

    We had a fun food truck festival display and a table of colorful letters that spelled our LUG name by our LEGO-loving mommies and ladies builder group.


    There was a unique spaceport tribute to Dr. Stephen Hawking, an excellent collection of mechas and robot models from both ours and some members of the Brick Mecha Division and a table full of LEGO Super Heroes vignettes and original BrickHeadz creations.



    One of our goals is to showcase creativity at its finest in the hopes of inspiring others.  So for this year, we were lucky to have Lendy Tayag, Filipino fan designer of the upcoming LEGO Ideas Voltron as our special guest.  Not only did he amaze everyone with his Voltron model and his robot creations but he also gave us valuable insights as he humbly shared with us his LEGO story.



    Like the previous years, we had games we call Brickolympics.  Our most popular one is called the Build-A-Stormtrooper Challenge where contestants were asked to build as many Stormtrooper figs as they can in 60 secs.  The current record of 11 figs was set in last year’s Abrickadabra.  Sadly, no new record was made this year but as expected, all challengers had a good time trying.

    We hope you enjoyed our pictures.¬† In case you are in sunny Philippines in search for a fun and unique travel experience, please say ‚Äúhi‚ÄĚ and we would be happy to take you around! For more of Abrickadabra LEGO Fan Festival 2018 pics, please check out our flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmczubZo

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    Sara Skahill
    Yes, I know I just posted photos from a previous celebration breakfast, but we actually just had our celebration for May, where we got to play with the series 18 Minifigures, to show the celebrating 40 years of LEGO Minifigures! 
    Each member of the team was given some of the Minifigures and told to practice their Minifigure photography skills. Most of us are amateur photographers at best...most of us. We still had a lot of fun. Here are the highlights. 

    Photo by Ana

    Photo by Camilla

    Photo by Jan

    Photo by Sanne

    Photo by Maria

    Photo by Tormod

    Photo by Sara

    However, all of us were put to shame by Hasan, who is a talented photographer in his own right, and took the opportunity to show off his skills.

    And one fun extra one using different Minifigures:

    Have you taken photos with the series 18 Minifigures yet? We hope these have inspired you! 

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    Sara Skahill
    As part of a fun team activity a few months back, the LEGO AFOL Engagement Team took the 41597 Go Brick Me set and created Brickheadz versions of ourselves! Some took greater creative freedom than others. Can you these AFOL Engagement members from their Brickheadz?

    Give up? 
    (Alright, here's who is who: from the top left to right - Jan Beyer, Ana Albouy, Tim Courtney, Tormod Askildsen, Kim Thomsen, Yun Mi Antorini, Sara Skahill, Hasan Jensen, and Jacky Chen)
    And here's the whole team!

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    Jan Beyer
    These days Fairy Bricks together with the LEGO House organize a World Record attempt in building the largest mosaic made with building bricks.
    The mosaic consists of almost 2700 32x32 baseplates and measures 12x14 meters.
    It will be build with support by the public as well as LEGO and LEGO House employees and the Guinness Book representatives will measure next Wednesday is the current record has been broken.
    You can find more info on the LEGO House website https://www.legohouse.com/en-gb/whats-on/pinse
    Se attached pictures from the LEGO staff building day (even our CEO Niels came to build a plate).
    Fingers crossed for Wednesday - I will keep you updated!