• Jacky Chen
    Posted by Jacky Chen on December 6th 2016
    Hey everyone,
    Greetings from Taipei! Here I am with almost 80 Pockyland members gathering together in a basement party room where full of comic books (er…sounds familiar?) for their year-end RLUG party. MOCs, contests, raffles, nothing missed!
    To begin with, a small ceremony was held for Rack Huang, the ex-ambassador of Pockyland to hand over the role to his successor Mr. Legao Dai, a guy who loves the brand by even officially changed his name into “LEGO” in Chinese. Thank you Rack for the contributions and all the best to the new ambassador.

    (Photo credit to Chris Visnjic)
    I would dare to say, everyone had a great time! If you are interested to see more of the party, here is the photographer's flickr album (URL) and feel free to check out!

    Jan Beyer

    Happy 2nd Sunday in Advent

    By Jan Beyer, in LAN blog,

    Posted by Jan Beyer on December 4th 2016

    Dear all, today my greetings come from Terassa, a city close to Barcelona in Spain.
    I visit the great Hispabrick Magazine Event to see awesome MOCs and meet with many RLUG (HispaLUG) and RLFM (Hispabrick Magazine) members including so prominent AFOLs as the Arvo Brothers!
    It is a truly inspiring event with many thousands of happy visirers in the Technical Museum of Catalunya - an old but very well restored textile mill -  great location!
    Have an awesome Sunday and check out the pictures!


    Jacky Chen
    Posted by Jacky Chen on November 28th 2016

    Last Friday (November 25th), it was a day of celebration at Jiaxing with festivities to commemorate the grand opening of the LEGO Group’s fifth factory. We are lucky enough to secure 8 spots for local AFOLs to join this great moment.

    (Photo Credit to Mr. Jin Xiangming of LELEZHEN)
    To show the love to the LEGO brand, the ambassador of Heroes Club, Prince Jiang called for a signed bricks from global ambassadors on LAN to build a gift for LEGO Jiaxing factory. Thanks to all your contribution, we ended up to receive more than 50 signed bricks from different corners of the world. And it has been put up into a fantastic brick built Great Wall by Heroes Club members. Here are a few photos, try to find your signatures if you can.

    After the speeches of a few leaderships, the general manager of Jiaxing factory revealed the gift with four representatives of local AFOLs on the stage. He is extremely amazed by the model and as well as the great story behind it. Apparently, everybody loves it!
    After that, the AFOLs had their very first guided factory tour and it was really fun!

    (Of course, AFOLs will never miss the best moment for taking photos and signatures with Mr. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen)
    If you wanted to know more about the LEGO Jiaxing Factory, please visit LEGO.com (URL)

    Jan Beyer

    LEGO Fanwelt 2016

    By Jan Beyer, in LAN blog,

    Posted by Jan Beyer on November 22nd 2016
    The past weekend I visited the LEGO Fanwelt 2016 in Cologne, Germany.
    The event happens every 2nd year in connection to a very big Model Railroad Fair on Cologne Fairground.
    The LEGO Fanwelt consists of the MOC exhibition driven by the MBFR RLUG and the LEGO Kidsfest organized by LEGO Central Europe.
    The MOC displays were supported by several RLUGs - mainly MBFR, Imperium der Steine, SwissLUG, EduLUG, Schwabenstein 2x4, BFRM and 1000steine.de as well as the RLFM Promobricks.
    The event attracted around 70.000 public visitors and 160 AFOLs.
    In the evenings we had some great discussions as well as a great AFOLs evening which had a train theme.
    All had a great time - even though it is quite exhausting to run an event with so many public visitors and which last 3 full days.

    Jacky Chen
    Posted by Jacky Chen on November 22nd 2016
    When the weather is getting cold on this planet, our dearest friends in Malaysia are still enjoying the nice sunshine and warm temperature by shorts and sandals.
    From 9-20 of November 2016, more than 80 AFOLs from local RLUGs join the effort with LEGO Malaysia for the largest LEGO event in town named as “Build Your LEGO Christmas” at 1Utama Shopping Centre. Two giant layouts featured LEGO City (8m x 2.6m) and LEGO Friends (6.5m x 2.6m) made by LOM, ABLUG, Synergy LUG and three special guests from Taiwan (Mocer League) successfully attracted more than 100,000 visitors over 10 days exhibition.
    (Above photo credit to Bruce Lee from LOM)
    Lucky enough, we even have our best friend John Ho from Creator 3in1 team flying all the way from Billund to visit and bring more fun to the event. On Friday (Nov 19th), John and I together did a workshop for 60 local AFOLs to share his journey as a LEGO designer and some interesting behind the scene stories.
    Special thanks to LOM (LUG of Malaysia), ABLUG (Asia Bricks), Synergy LUG, Mocer League, as well as John and LEGO Malaysia for presenting such a great event in Southeast Asia. If you wish to see more about this event, welcome to the Flickr album (URL) with all photos uploaded. Cheers!

    Kim Thomsen
    Over the past couple of months we've been working closely with Norton&Co in the UK and D2C in Münich to arrange a special pre-opening event at the Leicester Square LEGO Brand Retail Store in London.
    The store officially opened on November 17th at 12 o'clock, so being able to invite and run a pre-opening event requires some planning and handshakes to happen. But since it was something that everyone wanted, it wasn't difficult at all - it only took some planning to get an idea of who to invite and how to get everyone to sign the Declaration of Secrecy.
    Working with the Recognized LEGO Fan Media and Recognized LEGO User Groups invited has been amazing and smooth. You should be proud of your ambassadors and the time and effort they put into distributing the scarce amount of tickets that were made available to them. 
    I know it is not easy when you have 50 AFOLs that want to come but only 5 tickets. Someone is bound to be disappointed and I am truly sorry that we couldn't invite everyone - but there is a limit to the store size and the number of invites possible while still keeping the event intimate and special.
    So "hat's off" to the ambassadors for agreeing to that responsibility and having those difficult discussions with their members.
    When the store opened the doors and the let AFOLs in (some of them had been waiting in line for quite a while by then), everyone got a big applause as they entered the store - which was a pretty fun gesture and nice way to welcome the AFOLs into the store.
    Once everyone was in, Glenn Abell, Vice President D2C (direct to consumer) EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) gave a warm welcome to the community, followed by a welcome by me and then a quick mention of the day's offers - should anyone want to make a purchase.
    The new LEGO Architecture set, the 21304 London Skyline was available at the store ahead of it's global launch January 1st. Buying one would also land the opportunity to get it signed by the designer Rok and also present was LEGO Architecture's design manager Jamie Berard.
    Thank you to all the super cool AFOLs that came and made the day a blast. You took the day (or days) off to come and celebrate with us and that did not go unnoticed. You're awesome and all the LEGO employees agreed that you were The Best.
    You all kept the embargo and that is quite an achievement given the amount of pictures taken and video shot inside the store - thank you! And Thank You for sharing everything as soon as you were allowed to. My Facebook notification counter has been busy since the store opened with all the fantastic pictures you took.
    Congratulations to those of you that won the Lester minifig and/or the Mosaic Maker set. I didn't, but I still won the best prize of all which was to spend a couple of hours with you in the Leicester Square LEGO Brand Retail Store the day before it officially opened.
    I really enjoyed myself and I am certain you did too. I've already mentioned that we're ready the next time they want to create a special AFOL pre-opening event anywhere in the world!
    The participating RLUGs and RLFMs were:
    Blocks Magazine
    Brick Fanatics
    Bricks / Bricks Culture
    Fairy Bricks
    Jedinews UK
    London AFOLs
    The New Elementary
    Northern Brickworkd
    The Brickish Association
    The Brothers Brick
    The Tartan LUG
    Others: Mark Campbell, Bright Bricks, Warren and Teresa Elsmore (who were also there for the DFDS ship being on Trafalgar Square on the same day as the opening - what an opportunity! To see the new LEGO store and the world's biggest LEGO ship).