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    By Jan Beyer, in LAN blog,

    Posted by Jan Beyer on December 16th 2016

    Another build of an upcoming set. And what a great set! 
    We as AFOL Relation Managers build as many LEGO sets as possible that might be interesting for the AFOL Community so we can stay updated on what is available, how the building experience is, see and use new elements and keep our fingers busy and trained building with LEGO elements. 

    Paul Striefler
    Posted by Paul Striefler on December 14th 2016

    LEGO KidsFest is a giant LEGO event held over three days and filled with fun interactive, creative, and educational activities for the whole family. Since 2009, LEGO KidsFest has made over 35 tour stops, visiting more than two dozen cities across America.
    Sadly, it’s the end of era and this fun filled event that started in Hartford, CT has come to an end. With that being said, what better way than to go with a bang by having its final journey be in Hartford, CT on December 2nd-4th and to an almost sold out show. There was a total of 25,574 happy attendees walking the show floor Friday thru Sunday out of a possible 27,500!         
    This was a very bitter sweet moment for me as the mobile Brand Retail store has been very close to my heart, as I managed the store over the past 4 years before becoming a Community Manager. Over the course of the weekend, many guests were asking what’s next for LEGO events. This curiosity further supports the demand for the new era in events going forward.  While we didn’t offer specific details about 2017 and beyond plans, we did offer a comforting “more to come” answer.  
    In addition to all the LEGO activities and booths, a few members of our LCE team were in attendance as well and joined in on all the fun! Mike and Johnny assisted their DCE counterparts in LEGO Life with UX testing of the new LEGO Life functionality during this year’s KidsFest in Hartford, CT. They set up shop in the LEGO Club booth where testing focused on new account creation and physical building capabilities. Testers worked with children ranging from 6 to 11 to gather feedback on their experience while using the new functionality. Overall children responded positively to the new features.
    Overall, it was a truly amazing and inspiring event and a great way to kick off the holiday spirit!



    Jan Beyer

    Happy 3rd Sunday in Advent

    By Jan Beyer, in LAN blog,

    Posted by Jan Beyer on December 11th 2016

    Dear all, I wish you a very happy 3rd Sunday in Advent.
    Christmas is slowly getting closer and I hope you have a great time and getting in Christmas mood!
    There are still 9 days of work left before my colleagues and I go on Christmas vacation.
    I am spending quite some time on the LEGO House AFOL interaction and there will be quite exciting news early next year!
    Stay tuned!

    Jan Beyer

    LEGO World 2017/2018

    By Jan Beyer, in LAN blog,

    Posted by Jan Beyer on December 9th 2016

    Today I had a meeting with the LEGO World Copenhagen Fan Zone Steering Group (Jan, Knud, Morten - Stefan is missing) and the responsible Event Manager Line.
    We discussed the 2017 event planning details and already touched 2018 plans a little.
    Great meeting - if you are interested in knowing more please check out the websites.

    Jacky Chen
    Posted by Jacky Chen on December 6th 2016
    Hey everyone,
    Greetings from Taipei! Here I am with almost 80 Pockyland members gathering together in a basement party room where full of comic books (er…sounds familiar?) for their year-end RLUG party. MOCs, contests, raffles, nothing missed!
    To begin with, a small ceremony was held for Rack Huang, the ex-ambassador of Pockyland to hand over the role to his successor Mr. Legao Dai, a guy who loves the brand by even officially changed his name into “LEGO” in Chinese. Thank you Rack for the contributions and all the best to the new ambassador.

    (Photo credit to Chris Visnjic)
    I would dare to say, everyone had a great time! If you are interested to see more of the party, here is the photographer's flickr album (URL) and feel free to check out!

    Jan Beyer

    Happy 2nd Sunday in Advent

    By Jan Beyer, in LAN blog,

    Posted by Jan Beyer on December 4th 2016

    Dear all, today my greetings come from Terassa, a city close to Barcelona in Spain.
    I visit the great Hispabrick Magazine Event to see awesome MOCs and meet with many RLUG (HispaLUG) and RLFM (Hispabrick Magazine) members including so prominent AFOLs as the Arvo Brothers!
    It is a truly inspiring event with many thousands of happy visirers in the Technical Museum of Catalunya - an old but very well restored textile mill -  great location!
    Have an awesome Sunday and check out the pictures!


    Jacky Chen
    Posted by Jacky Chen on November 28th 2016

    Last Friday (November 25th), it was a day of celebration at Jiaxing with festivities to commemorate the grand opening of the LEGO Group’s fifth factory. We are lucky enough to secure 8 spots for local AFOLs to join this great moment.

    (Photo Credit to Mr. Jin Xiangming of LELEZHEN)
    To show the love to the LEGO brand, the ambassador of Heroes Club, Prince Jiang called for a signed bricks from global ambassadors on LAN to build a gift for LEGO Jiaxing factory. Thanks to all your contribution, we ended up to receive more than 50 signed bricks from different corners of the world. And it has been put up into a fantastic brick built Great Wall by Heroes Club members. Here are a few photos, try to find your signatures if you can.

    After the speeches of a few leaderships, the general manager of Jiaxing factory revealed the gift with four representatives of local AFOLs on the stage. He is extremely amazed by the model and as well as the great story behind it. Apparently, everybody loves it!
    After that, the AFOLs had their very first guided factory tour and it was really fun!

    (Of course, AFOLs will never miss the best moment for taking photos and signatures with Mr. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen)
    If you wanted to know more about the LEGO Jiaxing Factory, please visit LEGO.com (URL)