• Jan Beyer | LEGO
    On Friday March 9th, 2018 LEGO House will host an event for true LEGO fans with a passion for the modular buildings theme.
    The evening consists of a mix of interviews, hands-on building activity dinner and of course time to chat.
    The facilitator of the interviews is the in the AFOL Community well-known and long-term LEGO fan Are Heiseldal from Norway.
    Are is a sports journalist at his day job and a dedicated LEGO collector and builder the rest of the time.
    He will interview in his charming way key LEGO people involved in the Modular buildings theme.
    Participants of the event are invited to bring an own designed first floor based on the layout of the Parisian Restaurant (#10243) so that we can stack them to an very own modular building for the event. The floor is to be taken home afterwards again.
    Programme of the event
    16.00:               Welcome and start stacking the floors
    16.15:               On-stage interview with Austin Carlson from the LEGO Group. Austin works as a graphic designer and has a broad experience within
                               several LEGO product lines. (20min)
    16.40:               On-stage interview with Jeppe Ramlau, who works in Novelty Engineering in the LEGO Group. Jeppe is involved in designing and
                              creating new elements and new moulds. He is the link between the designers and the engineers.  (20min)
    17.05:               On-stage interview with Anne Egelund from the LEGO Group. Anne works in marketing and has been involved with the Modular
                               building theme for quite some time. (20min)
    17.45:               Warm buffet
    18.45:               On-stage interview with Jamie Berard from the LEGO Group, who is the iconic LEGO designer behind many modular buildings.
    19.15:               Hands-on session at the tables facilitated by Jamie. Jamie will share building tips and tricks and will build a small exterior scenery
                               together with you. LEGO elements are provided and the build can be taken home after the session.
    20:00                End of play.
    Price per Person: 449 DKK pr. person (including dinner + 2 drinks)
    Please note: The arrangement does not include a ticket for the Experience Zones in LEGO House. We reserve the right to cancel the arrangement in case of less than 40 participants. In case we receive more than 80 requests will we draw the participants randomly.
    So if you are up for a great arrangement with great people in great surroundings please send me an email (Jan@LEGO.com) no later than February 11th 2018 end of day all timezones so I can get you on the list.
    I will inform you after the deadline via email if you can participate and will send you the booking link.
    I am looking forward to a very cool arrangement!

    Jan Beyer | LEGO
    Dear all, my LEGO House colleagues informed me that there will be a very interesting book around the LEGO House available from now on.
    So I believe this could be very interesting for some of you.
    Feel free to share.
    Building a Dream
    Author: LEGO House and e-types.
    Price: 249 DKK - The book can only be purchased at LEGO® House in Billund.
    Language: English.
    Edition: 2000 pcs.
    Idea development and construction of LEGO House has taken seven years. On 28 September 2017, a proud director, Jesper Vilstrup, finally opened the doors to Denmark's newest experience center together with the royal family and with the attention of world press.
    LEGO® House is a unique experience house located in the center of Billund – Home of the Brick. Here, LEGO fans of all ages can experience the magic of the LEGO universe and get the ultimate LEGO experience all year round. Both kids and adults meet a number of new LEGO experiences and a sea of LEGO bricks, where you can unleash your creativity.
    The heart of the 12.000 m2 LEGO House is the experience zones which consist of four colored play areas, a spectacular Masterpiece Gallery, where fans can exhibit their impressive creations and a History Collection, where guests experience the company's and LEGO brand's development over time.
    Building a Dream is built as a combined interview and photo book, which both tells the vision behind the house and through great photos shows the development of idea and building. Three people have been at the heart of the project: Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, 3rd generation LEGO owner, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, chairman of LEGO Brand Group and Bjarke Ingels, international architect.
    Photos are taken by photographer Jens Honoré.

    Jan Beyer | LEGO
    Today I built the new LEGO Ideas set #21313 Ship in a bottle together with my son. It is a very nice build with a lot of details and pretty good looking.
    A lot of transparet elements used in the bottle so that can be very interesting too.
    Also all decorated elements are printed which is very nice - the box as well as the instructions look Ideas typical high quality and include details about the fan designer as well as the LEGO designers involved.
    Building time approx. 1 1/2 hours.
    We had fun - check out the pictures.

    Jan Beyer | LEGO
    Hi all, yesterday I joined the 60 years Birthday of the LEGO brick celebration in the LEGO House.
    It was a Birthday party with speeches, cake, music and a small exhibition with clocks made by AFOLs (Zeto Vince, Jenni Clark, Lasse Deleuran, Gary Davis, Cristiano Grassi, Cecilie Fritzvold, Alexandre Campos and Sven Franic) as well as iconic sets from all these years including clocks - all dials were set to 1.58 pm as that is the time the patent was issued.

    Kim Thomsen
    So 2018 has arrived and we're already 2 full weeks in from when the Christmas Holidays were over and everything booted up again.
    Luckily my computer was fine - it seems I always fail to update my password prior to a down period and then it doesn't work when I fire up "ye olde steamie dell". But not this year - could this be a sign of things to come? 
    Anyways, you all probably recall the somewhat mad dash to get everything out and ready for 2018 - we made it, but it comes with a cost. Every action has a reaction and it was indeed hard for us to announce the tiered system in the new Recognized LEGO Fan Community Program as well as the updates and changes to our Support Programs and at the same time revoke close to 40 communities' recognition.
    That took its tolls on both the community and us. My sincere hope is that, after a good and relaxing holidays with our loved ones, we can rebuild any broken trust between us and the community and then continue on the amazing journey we are all part of. We have so many ideas and thoughts on what we would like to achieve together with our most dedicated fans and we're super thrilled to see more than 100 applications for recognition from new and returning communities.
    The best part of December was for me seeing, that despite all the tough announcements and changes, the community still appreciates us and our efforts. It's comforting to learn that while you're reducing and sending out hard messages, you - the amazing fans - know that it's part of the game and life itself. Sometimes awesome opportunities arise and sometimes we have to cut back or change things temporarily or permanently. And what convinced me was partly the superprofessional communication on LAN with the ambassadors but also all the Christmas Cards and local specialties showing up in the mail. 
    We sometimes forget how important these tings are and how much they mean. In this modern time of digitization, it is easy to forget the joy of getting something real in your hands with a hand written signature and personal message. This is also why we take the time and resources to send out a small thank you gift for all ambassadors during Christmas - just to let them know that we appreciate their efforts and hard work. We know and we care - and feeling that you think the same towards us is simply mind blowing!
    Thank You and as a dear colleague of mine once said - and it must be true since it's still stored in my memory:
    "We're fans of the LEGO fans".
    I've added the Christmas Cards I got during December and when I returned to office. Not to brag... well actually it is! Look World, look how awesome our fans are!

    Jan Beyer | LEGO
    Dear all, first of all I wish you a Happy New Year!
    When LEGO® House announced its first Christmas party for AFOLs, it was actually with a bit of anxiety. One could not quite know if the event would carry - a Saturday evening late in December? - in Billund? - for international AFOLs?
    All doubt proved unfounded. The word of the event was quickly spread and in a few days the tickets were rapidly sold. So there we are. Saturday evening on the 16th December, 70 excited adult LEGO enthusiasts from 8 different countries went to Billund to hold their first Christmas party at LEGO House. After such a great event there is no doubt -a new tradition has been founded!
    Andres Lehmann from Zusammengebaut.com and Michael Friedrichs from Promobricks.de were among the participants and we have been permitted to publish their review of the event: http://zusammengebaut.com/gruss-aus-dem-lego-house-in-billund-40579/ and https://www.promobricks.de/afol-julefrokost-event-im-lego-house-in-billund-bericht-und-bilder/48919 as well as a report about the new 10260 Downtown Diner that was presented by the LEGO Designer at the Christmas Party http://zusammengebaut.com/lego-downtown-diner-10260-mike-psiaki-im-interview-40629/
    The evening was a lot of fun for all participants as well as us as hosts and we are looking forward to the 2018 version of this activity.
    All the best,
    Astrid Mueller, Senior Event & Tour Manager in LEGO House and Jan Beyer, Community Manager LEGO System A/S

    Tanja | LEGO
    Dear amazing AFOLs and TFOLs out there,
    Yet another year has flown by! It has been a great and challenging year in so many ways, in the end, what stands out is the joy of engaging with all of you, meeting you at events, following you on Facebook and Twitter and seeing the great stuff you do. We are constantly impressed!
    Thank you for all the lovely Christmas greetings we have received, it is so highly appreciated and warms our hearts:)
    On December 22nd. We are leaving for Christmas Holiday, all but Jacky, so he is on LAN duty:)
    A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, we look forward to seeing you in 2018
    All the best,
    The Operations and Community Engagement team

    The picture:
    The picture is from our last team meeting as the “old team”. Friday December 15th. Paul transitioned in to his new role in D2C, Paul will be greatly missed, but luckily, he will remain a close colleague:)
    At our team meetings, we always have Paul and Sara from the US and Jacky from China on Skype and this time Hasan couldn’t join the meeting, so we had to add him afterwards;). On the left and just above Hasan is Camilla, you might not have seen Camilla before, she is our intern supporting Ana as well as Hasan and Sara. Ana is in Costa Rica on vacation, enjoying a much better weather than we have in Billund:)

    Paul Striefler | LEGO
    Hi All,
    I do not have much of an update here from the US.
    I quickly wanted to jump on to say thank you, goodbye, and I'll be seeing you. Today is my last day with the LEGO Community Engagement team. I wanted to say thank you for a being a part of my LEGO journey and allowing me to be a part of yours the last year and half. I have been able to meet many great and talented people as well as see some incredible MOCs throughout my travels. This community is certainly very close and I hope that you all can continue to grow together.
    I will be moving to a new role within the LEGO Retail business and hope that our paths will cross again in the future. For now, my watch has ended. I wish you and your LUGs a Happy Holiday season and a blessed New Year!

    Jacky Chen | LEGO
    Last weekend, from Friday to Sunday, our best friend, the LEGO designer, Jamie Berard paid his first visit to Shanghai and Beijing for a series of signing event for the upcoming Shanghai skyline set and some of the other Creator Expert sets which designed by him.
    Local AFOLs in those two cities were offered 30 minutes each for an exclusive Q&A session where brought them to know what’s inside of a LEGO designer’s brain. Unsurprisingly, the new Modular House became one of the most popular topics of the day. Alright, another one to the must buy list! ;p
    By participating both signing events and witnessing the reaction from the consumers, from kids to adults. I shared their real excitement and joy when they met with a LEGO designer in person. I heard over and over from them, “my dream is to become a LEGO designer, like you”, which is absolutely awesome to hear. From my eyes, a stronger community in China is arising. 
    Photos attached shows the exciting AFOLs who even brought their MOCs to the event to share with Jamie! I bet they had a great time!
    (Cover Photo credit to Lin Ye)