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Greek LEGO Users Group, based in Athens, spanning all over Greece.

Community Description

Gricks (Greeks + bricks) is a Greek LEGO® Users Group (LUG) of Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL). It is a team of LEGO® modelers and collectors, aged 18+, that shares a passion for the creativity with LEGO® products and presents the LEGO® culture to the Greek public.

Gricks members are adults who use LEGO® products to build their models. Through Gricks:

  • They present their creations to the public, organizing their own (or taking part in relevant) exhibitions and events.
  • They cooperate in order to create large and complex creations.
  • They exchange views and information around the LEGO® market.
  • They setup group buys for LEGO® products.
  • They improve their design skills, through cooperation with other members.
  • They help other organisations to setup LEGO® services to the public.
  • They organise or take part in LEGO® charities.

If you want to become a Grick, you need to be 18 or older and have a passion for collecting or building with LEGO® bricks.
Registration to the Gricks forum is done here: http://www.gricks.gr/index.php/en/component/users/?view=registration&Itemid=179.
After registration, you need to present yourself to the rest of the team, here: http://www.gricks.gr/index.php/el/forum/community/5-parousiaste-ton-eafto-sas.
After that, you are ready to take part in the forum discussions and Gricks activities. The official forum language is greek.

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    Gricks will be at Hellenic Motor Museum, as every year, to exhibit Lego vehicle creations and sets, and make interactive happenings and activities with guests of the Hellenic Motor Museum, during December 2019 and Jannuary 2020. There will be Remote control Lego vehicles for the kids and the adults to play with, in our hand made track, made especially for this activity! Also there will be free Lego building, for everybody, during our presence in the HMM.
  3. until
    Gricks will participate in AthensCon 2019 from 29th of November until 01st of December 2019. The AthensCon 2019, will take place in the Tae Kwon Do Olympic Stadium in Athens. AthensCon is an annual large scale convention - exhibition, which takes place in Athens - Greece. Its all about fantasy, pop, and comics culture, among others, and addresses to visitors from all over Greece. Visitors can see everything about the pop , comic and movie culture, talk to special guests from all over the world, participate in the events exhibitors do, see the many cosplay characters participating in the event, and have a great visiting experience. As Gricks RLUG, we will exhibit our members LEGO creations, we will promote the LEGO culture, we will run some games and presentations with LEGO content, and we will have some interactive activity with the visitors, through our live events that will take place during the exhibition duration.
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    Gricks will participate in 3rd Serres Brick Exhibition from 2 until 10 of November 2019. It will take place in the Central Public Library of Serres. Serres Brick Exhibition is an annual exhibition, which takes place in Serres - Greece. Its dedicated to Lego bricks, and addresses to visitors from all over the North Greece. During the weekdays children from local schools have the chance to visit the exhibition. As Gricks, we will exhibit our members creations, we will do some presentations, and we will have some interactive activity with the visitors, through the multiple live events that will take place during the exhibition duration.
  5. until
    Gricks RLUG will be in the "Athens Retro Festival 2019", with an area dedicated in Lego bricks and creations. It will be a big 3x6x3m (half circle) exhibition bench full of our members creations, old and new sets, and a big table in the middle, where children (small and big ones), can play and make their own creations, with our lugs stock pile of Lego bricks. "AthensRetro Festival 2019" is an annual festival, and this is the 4th Retro festival in the row. Athens Retro Festival is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport, and under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism. Also its sponsored from many Greek TV and Radio stations. Its a big honour for us that we have been asked to participate there, and we wait for you all to come and see us if you happen to be in Athens these days!
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    Gricks will participate in the "Athens Lego Festival X", with a 6x3m excibition table full of our members creations. "Athens Lego Festival X" is the 10th Lego festival, that is being organized from the Greek Lego Marketing Office. Every year Lego Marketing Office pulls out a big festival with many stages, lego activities, events and more, which is taking place inside the largest shopping mall in Greece. Gricks, as every year, will have our own excibition table, kindly given to us by the Greek Lego Marketing Office, inside the festival area, where we will expose our mocs. Athens Lego Festival X will take place from 17/05/2019 till 02/06/2019

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