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Greek LEGO Users Group, based in Athens, spanning all over Greece.

Gricks (Greeks + bricks) is a Greek LEGO® Users Group (LUG) of Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL). It is a team of LEGO® modelers and collectors, aged 18+, that shares a passion for the creativity with LEGO® products and presents the LEGO® culture to the Greek public.

Gricks members are adults who use LEGO® products to build their models. Through Gricks:

  • They present their creations to the public, organizing their own (or taking part in relevant) exhibitions and events.
  • They cooperate in order to create large and complex creations.
  • They exchange views and information around the LEGO® market.
  • They setup group buys for LEGO® products.
  • They improve their design skills, through cooperation with other members.
  • They help other organisations to setup LEGO® services to the public.
  • They organise or take part in LEGO® charities.

If you want to become a Grick, you need to be 18 or older and have a passion for collecting or building with LEGO® bricks.
Registration to the Gricks forum is done here: http://www.gricks.gr/index.php/en/component/users/?view=registration&Itemid=179.
After registration, you need to present yourself to the rest of the team, here: http://www.gricks.gr/index.php/el/forum/community/5-parousiaste-ton-eafto-sas.
After that, you are ready to take part in the forum discussions and Gricks activities. The official forum language is greek.

Mike Kidonakis | Gricks.gr

Community Ambassador

Mike Kidonakis | Gricks.gr

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