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Community of Center Italy brick lovers, about 40 enthusiast people building City-trains, fantasy-castle, friends, technic-gbc, mindstorm, with good "abs artists".

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. The 2019 Christmas meeting/lunch for all the community members, open also to all the friends and Marchebrick fans and followers to enjoy together with funny activities. There will be a free bingo session with rich prizes (lego sets) There will be a free play area for children made with bulk pieces. There will be other surprises, come to the Christmas meeting and enjoy with us!
  3. until
    Marchebrick chooses the Fermo Forum hall for a full week-end dedicated to fun and play togheder. +1000 square meters area of Lego creations and activities to enjoy. Lego pick-a-brick and free play area Lego Racers championship, Lego Technic vehicles activities. Lego SERIOUS PLAY workshops. Lego robotic/mindstorm workshops. 64 Exhibitors from all over Italy, INCREDIBLE creations on display, Star Wars, Classic space, Castle, Bionicle, Super Heroes, Technic and more. 17 METERS CITY/TRAINS LAYOUT, Over than 40 meters railway. Come to play with us.
  4. until
    A new event to have fun close to the Adriatic Coast, near Pesaro and Fano seasides. Lots of activities to do for free: technic racers run, speed building sessions, robotic brainstorming with a mindstorm teacher, pick and build with bulk pieces and own creations competition with prizes for 6 to 15 y.o. children. Great exhibition of Mocs and sets including: a big city with trains, castle area, Disney princess diorama, Technic working models, Architecture sets.
  5. until
    3rd Appointment with This summer event near the sea in Fano (PU). The Lego Area will be a part of the big child event which reached the 15th edition. Marchebrick will arrange as usual a free play area with bulk pieces and activities for children: speed building, robotic invention, technic models run. A Moc display of city/trains, technic, star wars, super heroes themes will be present. Come and Enjoy with us near the sea!
  6. until
    Some Lug members organize a free display and little challenges for small builders in OFFAGNA (AN). Marchebrick offers it's support to create a play area for children.
  7. Little community space and funny activities for public in occasion of the annual spring fest close to the seaside in Porto Sant' Elpidio (FM) Public will run trains and will shot to targets with automated cannon to win a little trophy. Play building area with activity box bricks. MOCs and modular buliding display.
  8. until
    Usual monthly meeting and dinner for community members and supporters. After dinner some activities like minifigures exchange and briefing for upcoming events.
  9. until
    The 4th edition of our great contest/exhibition event in Venarotta. Big display of City Mocs, Friends, Star Wars, Super Heroes, Technic, Pirates, Architecture with fantastic creations. Great contest for children on 2 levels with our bricks. Gifts to our small builders! Speed building and technic races activities. Come and enjoy with us!
  10. until
    One member of our community Marchebrick and his parents association organizes a free full day of play for all ages children Marchebrick offers his support with bricks and members to help this local event. Many kilograms of bricks to enjoy, the only limit is Your fantasy. Building and play area are free but reserved to local OYE association members. MOCs/Sets Exhibition area and little market are open to general public.

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