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Club to promote the art and culture around Lego Bricks

Housebuilding: This is well understood in Swabia. But we can deal not only with large building blocks, but also with the small, colorful ones from Denmark. We are adult LEGO fans, so-called AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO), and we have organized in the club "Schwabenstein 2 × 4". Why? Because in and around Stuttgart we want to promote the art * and culture around LEGO bricks. Therefore, we want to organize exhibitions so that as many people as possible can admire our own creations. We meet regularly to our round table, to everyone who is welcome also inspired by LEGO - no matter what age group. And we do not get enough of fiddling about our hobby, giving tips and exchanging stones. This site is also there: to appeal to art lovers and to keep up with what we are doing. Or the pimples. See you!
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Daniel Schäfers

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