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SwissLUG The first Swiss Lego User group

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Who are we? - History of the
What does SwissLUG stand for?
Swiss LEGO® Users Group

Who are we?
We are an association of young and young-at-heart LEGO® fans, designers and collectors who have set themselves the goal of providing a platform for like-minded LEGO® enthusiasts to promote and exchange ideas.

What do we offer?
We meet regularly for informal meetings. The latest creations are presented, construction problems discussed, models, building instructions and individual parts traded. Of course, the physical well-being is not neglected: a cosy dinner rounds off the event.

We are active throughout Switzerland, from Grisons, Ticino, French-speaking Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland.

Homepage: http://www.swisslug.ch

Facebook: https://de-de.facebook.com/SwissLUG/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/swisslug?lang=de


Patrick von Felten

Community Ambassador

Patrick von Felten

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    RLUG (User Group)

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