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MiniSuperHeroesToday has been a LEGO collector 24 years. He started the MST community on Instagram in spring of 2015, where during his freshman year of college, he took some minifigures to school and started posting photos to Instagram just for fun. Around the time that "Avengers: Age of Ultron" hit theaters, engagement toward superhero content skyrocketed as he continued to create daily content on Instagram, which is something that has continued for over five years!

In 2017, MiniSuperHeroesToday started making YouTube content doing set reviews and news, and in the summer of 2018, the channel started creating "purist custom" tutorials. The tutorials are based on the idea of only using existing LEGO pieces to rearrange minifigures to create alternate designs, outfits, upgrades from what LEGO gave us, and/or something entirely new. The channel's first "big" video was upgrading Thor from Infinity War, and the summer of 2018 was filled with skyrocketing views and new subscribers, which has continued to this day.

MiniSuperHeroesToday is based in Nashville, TN, USA, and outside of LEGO, Johnathan (the creator) is a musician and social media marketer for a living.


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