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About Us

We are community of LEGO Technic fans! Main theme is LEGO Technic and MODEL Team-style creations. We are kids and adults from 7 to 50+ years old.


Largest russian language LEGO Technic community - LTR. Founded in 2012 by me, Egor Karshiev, designer of limited exclusive set 41999.

What we have in our fan media:

  • everyday posts
  • discussions
  • sharing LUG member's and other builder's creations
  • online building contests
  • offline LEGO Technic car competitons with competitors from the our country and also neigbor countries from Japan to Belarus.

We are proud, that we even have members from EU, China and Japan, that visit read and write in our community.

Happy to help and inspire new fans not only in Russia, but from other countries too!


Egor Karshiev | LTR Russia | YouTube RM8 BrickGarage

Community Ambassador

Egor Karshiev | LTR Russia | YouTube RM8 BrickGarage

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    RLOC (Online Community)

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