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About Us

The first and only Turkish Recognized LEGO Fan Media with up to date news and reviews.

Gofret.info - Brick.tr is the first and only local Recognized LEGO Fan Media in Turkey and in Turkish language. Our objective is provide news, reviews and more about LEGO in a world-class quality to our local fans.

(Türkiye'deki ilk ve tek tanınmış LEGO hayran yayını (RLFM) olarak hedefimiz; incelemeleri, haberleri ve LEGO hakkındaki diğer her şeyi, Türkçe olarak, dünya standartlarında sizlerle buluşturmak.)

Visit our website at https://gofret.info

You can also reach us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/brick.tr

Burak Gul

Community Ambassador

Burak Gul

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    RLFM (Fan Media)/RLOC (Online Community)

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