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1st Join. 2nd Build. 3rd Take photos 4th Post

  MocerLeague a place for everyone who want to moc or share your moc. we set challenge moc topic every month just join us and have fun here! :)

Being online allows us to break the limitation of borders, having active members from different countries. Our core members are mainly from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We also try to keep connected with activities and RLUGs in different countries. Such as meet up in Hong Kong, invited to exhibit with Malaysia RLUG, participate in Japan Brick Fest held by Kansai RLUG, attending Pockyland's competition and also online streaming contest award meet up in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore of 2017. Furthermore, familiar with HKLUG, HKBrickRail, ibricksterLUG.




what is moc ?   moc (my own creation) we set challenge moc topic every month

Cid Hsiao | Mocer League

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Cid Hsiao | Mocer League

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