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ROBOTMAK3RS --> MAKE - SHARE - INSPIRE [Recognized LEGO Online Community of Robot Experts]

Robot makers from around the world who embrace all of LEGO robotic platforms (MINDSTORMS, WeDo, BOOST, Powered UP and Spike prime) to MAKE robots, SHARE our passion and INSPIRE generations to come to be interested with Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics via the joys of "playing" with LEGO

The ROBOTMAK3RS Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/robotmak3rs/ is the mother ship of the 5 well known communities;






We are currently not accepting new members as we are still in the setting up phase.




This domain name is purchased and a landing page will have a short bio of every members and point you to it's Facebook group page.


Anika Brandsma (Vuurzoon)

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Anika Brandsma (Vuurzoon)

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