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We are AFOLs in and around Houston, Texas.

Community Description

Houston Brick Club is a group of AFOLs based in and around Houston, Texas.  We generally have a meeting every month, and we do several display events each year.  Display locations typically include a children's museum, children's hospital, maker fair, and pop culture event.

A group of AFOLs in Houston first started getting together around 2011.  By 2014 the group was meeting regularly and doing multiple display events each year.  We were officially recognized under the name TexLUG-Houston in early 2018, and we changed our name to Houston Brick Club in April 2019.  Currently we have about 30-40 active members.

We have a close relationship with the other RLUGs in Texas:  TexLUG, TexLUG-SA, DWFLUG, and Texas Brick Railroad.  Every summer members of all these groups get together at Brick Fiesta to play games and show off MOCs.

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    Comicpalooza is one of the largest pop-culture events in the United States, if not the world. Typically around 50,000 people attend to watch presentations, see celebrity panels, shop from vendors, look at displays, play games, and much more. Houston Brick Club has provided displays of custom MOCs at this event for several years - we normally have about 20 members participate. The 2020 Comicpalooza was cancelled by the event organizers due to COVID-19 safety concerns.
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    The Brick Fiesta 2020 convention has been postponed to July, 2021. Instead, we expect to provide an online experience of LEGO creations and presentations. We welcome our friends from the LEGO community to join us for this year's virtual Brick Fiesta convention! Brick Fiesta is a Recognized AFOL Networking Event. We will have talks, tips & techniques, MOC displays, interactive challenges, & socializing. Come and go as you like, the event will run 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (CDT) Saturday, July 25 & 11:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m. (CDT) Sunday, July 26. We hope to see lots of familiar faces and meet new friends as well! More information at https://brickfiesta2020.com (event schedule is subject to change)
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    Houston Brick Club members will provide a display of MOCs at the "#1 Touring Family Event that Inspires, Educates and Entertains!" We expect to have 10-15 Club members participate. Last year this event attracted over 8,000 public visitors.
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    (event cancelled by hospital due to COVID-19 concerns) Members of Houston Brick Club will display MOCs at a local children's hospital.
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    Houston Brick Club members will provide MOCs for display before and during the Rice University men's basketball game. Featured will be a model of a portion of Reckling Park, the baseball field on campus. We will also be promoting Brick Fiesta, our fan convention and public exhibition in July.
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    Houston Brick Club members will provide displays of MOCs at the local children's museum's Engineering Week activities.
  8. until
    Houston Brick Club will be providing a small display of MOCs at this event. "The nationwide tour is an amazing LEGO experience, celebrating the premier of FOX's LEGO Masters: a new competition show premiering February 5th, 2020."
  9. until
    A day of music, dance, art, food, and vendors at Montie Beach Park in Houston. Houston Brick Club members will provide a display of Halloween-theme MOCs.
  10. This is an event similar to previous Maker Faires - an exhibition of all kinds of creating and making. It is run by Innovation Spark, non-profit committed to the advancement of STEM education in the Greater Houston Area. Houston Brick Club expects to have many members participate in this event. Possible activities include: displays of MOCs, speed builds and other games, scavenger hunt throughout the event area, and more!
  11. Tim Howell


    Teen Comic Convention at a local high school. Houston Brick Club will be providing displays of MOCs.
  12. Comic / pop culture event at a local middle school. Houston Brick Club will be providing a display of MOCs.
  13. Tim Howell


    A day filled with comic artists, game demos, big sales, and lots of nerdy FUN! Houston Brick Club members will demonstrate LEGO-based games such as Mobile Frame Zero. Hours for the event are 10am-10pm. As of August 25 it has not been determined if Houston Brick Club members will be at the event the entire time.
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    everyday is Taco Tuesday!
  15. until

    Yes. and early morning. and mid day. and....
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    I'm gonna try to make it this year @will heron - TexLUG, late night taco run?
  17. until

    Can't wait! TexLUG is already getting ready.
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    The 2020 Brick Fiesta convention has been postponed due to coronavirus concerns. It will be held in Houston in July, 2021. Look for a Virtual Brick Fiesta coming in July 2020! All are invited to Brick Fiesta 2021, a celebration of LEGO(R) in Texas! This will be the 10th anniversary of this event that rotates among major cities in the state. In 2021 it is being hosted by Houston Brick Club. Brick Fiesta 2021 will feature over 12,000sf of display and vendor space. In past years, Brick Fiesta has featured 200+ MOCs of all themes and sizes. Likely large displays for this year include a detailed train/town layout, classic space layout, western town layout, and more! Many other RLUGs will be represented there, such as Texas Brick Railroad, TexLUG, TexLUG-SA, DFW-LUG, and others from around the country. The first two days of the event have games and activities for full convention members; Saturday and Sunday are public exhibition days. Please join Houston Brick Club as we celebrate the 10th Brick Fiesta! More information can be found at BrickFiesta.com, or by following Brick Fiesta on other social media. https://www.facebook.com/brickfiesta/ Hope to see you there!
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    Members of Houston Brick Club will provide displays of MOCs at a local children's hospital. We do this about twice a year; all the patients, families and staff are always very excited to see what we bring.
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    Located in a public library, this event will include an assortment of MOCs on display, plus some building activities and presentations.
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    Houston Brick Club will again be at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas. Comicpalooza is a unique, multi-format pop culture event featuring more than 1,000 hours of diverse, interactive programming that spans across comic books, gaming, films, anime, cosplay, literature, maker's space, children's programming, and entertainment. Over 50,000 public attendees came to 2018 Comicpalooza. Houston Brick Club will be providing brick-built displays in the Maker's Space area of the event.
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    Display of MOCs at a local children's hospital (location details withheld due to privacy concerns).
  23. until
    Displays of MOCs and science-related builds at a middle school
  24. Tim Howell


    Displays of MOCs at comic-con event at a high school.
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    Displays of MOCs at comic-com event at a middle school.
  26. until
    Displays of MOCs at local children's museum.

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