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We are AFOLs in and around Houston, Texas.

Houston Brick Club is a group of AFOLs based in and around Houston, Texas.  We generally have a meeting every month, and we do several display events each year.  Display locations typically include a children's museum, children's hospital, maker fair, and pop culture event.

A group of AFOLs in Houston first started getting together around 2011.  By 2014 the group was meeting regularly and doing multiple display events each year.  We were officially recognized under the name TexLUG-Houston in early 2018, and we changed our name to Houston Brick Club in April 2019.  Currently we have about 30-40 active members.

We have a close relationship with the other RLUGs in Texas:  TexLUG, TexLUG-SA, DWFLUG, and Texas Brick Railroad.  Every summer members of all these groups get together at Brick Fiesta to play games and show off MOCs.

You may find out more about Houston Brick Club on our website and Facebook group:




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Tim Howell

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