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About Us

Immerse yourself in our colorful world of bricks
We are an AFOL community in the capital of Germany Berlin.
We founded our LUG in 2012 to set the legal base to continue the long tradition of exibitions in our town.
Since then we organized several events ( SteineWAHN!) on which our aims are not anonymus mass exibitions, but small but nice weekends, where AFOLs can meet, talk, have fun, feel comfortable and show their newest creations. So to speak back to the roots 😉
In the meantime we meet regulary once a month to spent time together with eating, drinking and talking about our beloved ABS.
You are always welcome to visit us and assure yourself! :D

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Alf Wagenzink Berliner Steinkultur

Community Ambassador

Alf Wagenzink Berliner Steinkultur

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