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Portuguese blog about the LEGO hobby. Buildings reports, techniques, reviews, thoughts, highlights about LEGO in Portugal and in the world.

A short story

The blog was launched in April 2005 by me and my ex-wife Tânia. Initially the aim was to report our activities, expressing our opinions, make reviews, highlight interesting works of other AFOLs, put some brand news to promoting an adult interest, etc. Basically the blog served to argue how the LEGO can be a serious and interesting adult hobby. Something that at the time was seen with some surprise at the general public.

All this in Portuguese, as the audience that we wanted reach was the national ones.

In September 2005 I was appointed as LEGO Ambassador by Jake McKee, which allowed me a better understanding of the LEGO company as well as a better interaction with AFOLs worldwide.

The blog had some success and even named the best Portuguese blog about hobbies in 2007, got the news in 2 national newspapers and we even gave interviews to a national radio channel.

After leaving the PLUG and started Comunidade 0937 (summer 2006), the blog also served to promote the new LUG, posting about events, meetings, contests, etc. However we always had some care in showing that the blog was independent and personal.

In June 2010 I and Tânia divorced and we decided to stop writing for the blog. Tânia meanwhile moved away from the LEGO hobby.

I continued to publish posts on another blog along with other members of Comunidade 0937, but in the meantime this blog disappeared and, after talking with Tânia, I returned alone to reactivate the LegOficina of Baixinhos in July 2013.

I found that in three years the reality has changed dramatically. First social networks, including FaceBook, stormed the Internet. Blogs, forums, news sites, etc. saw their visibility decreased. The FaceBook also potentiate the appearance of small informal groups that made exponentially increase the number of AFOLs not aligned to any LUG.

So when I reactivated the blog I tried to be different. First, I almost stopped giving news about LEGO, as it would be redundant with other sites (unfortunately not in Portuguese). I also tried to give to the blog a more personal touch, since is a thing missing in blogs about LEGO.I speak about what I do in my "LegOficina", I give opinions on some LEGO themes and often recall the past as I been in the hobby in the past 16 years. Lately and due to changes in my professional life, I have also highlighted a lot the work of others, but always commenting on what I personally think what is relevant in the MOCs. I do some reviews but are increasingly rare, since practically I ceased buying sets. I also write about my experiences in events and exhibitions.

Last July I created a group on Flickr with the photos that I highlight in my blog. https://www.flickr.com/groups/legoficinadosbaixinhos/

The main objective is to warn the authors that I spoke about their MOCs on my blog. One of the flaws I pointed out in Sunday's meeting in PdC Fan Weekend about the lack of feedback to the authors when speaking of MOCs on facebook and on some forums and blogs.

Luís Baixinho

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Luís Baixinho

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