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South Puget Sound LUG - Tacoma - Olympia WA "Bricking around the South Puget Sound!"

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This is for the AFOLs in Pierce/ Thurston County Washington who are interested in participating in an RLUG. (Recognized Lego User Group)


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If you’d like to join our group, please send an email to spslugwebmaster@gmail.com.

Also, check out SPSLUG’s Facebook page and ask to join.

We distribute information on future meetings through Google Groups and Facebook.

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RLUG (User Group)


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  1. What's new in this club
  2. until
    Come visit SPSLUG at the Tacoma Public Libary for Tacoma-Con October 12th 2019 from 10am to 5pm, a variety of reading and pop culture related builds will be on display.
  3. Visit us at Capital Mall in Olympia, and see a variety of creations, create one of your own in our build area,
  4. Stop by and peek in the window for a preview of our full event coming August 2-4th at Capital Mall in Olympia
  5. until
    Come and visit SPSLUG at PuliCon at the Puyallup Library, see an array of reading related creations!
  6. During Library Hours for the first half of August come see reading related builds in the display case at the Puyallup Library.
  7. During the Month of July Visit the Lacey Library during Library hours and see a variety of reading related creations in the display case.
  8. Avengers Endgame is out and we would love to share some of our creations with you In the Live 360 space at Capital Mall (former location of Foot Locker) Window Display during Mall hours.
  9. until
    Join us in the lobby of Cinemark Olympia at Capital Mall for a display celebrating the release of LEGO Movie 2 Thursday Evening through Sunday Afternoon
  10. until
    SPSLUG Avengers Endgame / May the 4th Be With You / Taco Invasion Window Display *Star Wars will be changed out Midweek for Mother's Day Display Elements. Monday - Friday During Mall Hours (exterior doors open early) Located in the Live 360 space (formerly Foot Locker) Can you find all 30 Tacos in the display?
  11. until
    SPSLUG December 2019 Monthly Meeting (Lemon Road, Olympia) -Potluck Dinner/Dessert -Dirty Brickster -Other Business
  12. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG November Meeting

    SPSLUG November 2019 Monthly Meeting -Potluck Dinner -Event Planning -Draft -Other Business
  13. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG October Meeting

    SPSLUG October 2019 Monthly Meeting (Venue Pending) -BrickCon Recap -Event Planning -Build Challenge -Draft -Other Business
  14. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG September Meeting

    SPSLUG September 2019 Monthly Meeting -Potluck DInner -Event Planning -Draft -Other Business -Show and Tell - What are you taking to BrickCon? -Build Challenge
  15. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG August Meeting

    SPSLUG August 2019 Monthly Meeting (Tentative Date and Time as Pulicon is the 17th, this could be moved to Breakfast or DInner on that date) -Event Planning -Event Debrief: Oly Brickfest, PuliCon, Lacey Library Display Case, Puyallup Library Display Case, PuliCon -Draft -Other Business
  16. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG July Meeting

    SPSLUG July 2019 Monthly Meeting (Date and Time Tentative, Location is Set) -Event Planning -Event Load-In and additional setup for Oly Brickfest (Swap window displays) -Convention Reports (Bricks Fiesta and Bricks by the Bay) -Potluck? -Draft
  17. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG June Meeting

    SPSLUG June 2019 Monthly Meeting (Pending Venue) -Event Planning -Draft -Convention Updates -Other Business
  18. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG May Meeting

    SPSLUG May 2019 Monthly Meeting -Potluck (Dinner) -Draft Set 76123 Captain America Outriders Attack -Event Debrief: Avengers Endgame, Star Wars Day/Cinco, Mother Day -Event Planning (Dates are all in event planning email that went out this month, and are entered in LAN Calender, Facebook Calendar coming soon).
  19. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG January Meeting

    SPSLUG January 2019 Monthly Meeting (and 2018 Holiday Party) -Potluck (Dinner!) -Dirty Brickster -Event Planning -Event Debrief: Crimes of Grindelwald -Show and Tell
  20. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG March Meeting

    SPSLUG March 2019 Monthly Meeting -Potluck (Dinner!) -Draft -Event Planning -Other Business
  21. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG February Meeting

    SPSLUG February 2019 Monthly Meeting -Potluck (Breakfast!) -Draft -Events Updates -LEGO Movie 2: Event Debrief -Show and Tell -Other Business
  22. Josh Gay

    SPSLUG April Meeting

    SPSLUG April 2019 Monthly Meeting -Event Planning for remainder of 2019 -Show and Tell -Other Business
  23. until
    A display celebrating the opening of Avengers Endgame and Mother's Day Friday 17:00-22:00, Saturday 10:00-21:00, Sunday 10:00-18:00
  24. until
    Display celebrating the opening of Avengers Endgame, and Star Wars Day Friday 17:00-22:00, Saturday 10:00-21:0, Sunday 12:00-18:00
  25. until
    Display of MOC's for Avenger's: Endgame Opening Weekend 10:00 AM-8:00 PM Saturday, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Sunday

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