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About Us

The LUG operating in Finland to spread the LEGO enthusiasm.

Palikkatakomo (eng. "Bricksmith") is the only LUG located in Finland, working towards spreading the LEGO hobby.

We work through a forum to bring all the Finnish LEGO builders and fans together on a single platform, offering a gallery, a marketplace, exhibitions and open LEGO discussion. Our main focus of participation is a multitude of LEGO events held throughout the year all around Finland. Many of these events are annual with our exhibits being a staple of them. They form our standard event cycle throughout the year and are quite evenly spread throughout. A trademark of ours at most exhibitions is a large collaborated modular city/landscape.

Palikkatakomo was founded in 2008 and we currently have 50+ members. Joining the forum and events is free, but membership is encouraged with various benefits.

Everything in the LUG is generally spoken in English, but we have opened an English forum section for foreign collaborators.

Our creations on a more global platform are visible here.


Jesse Åhlgren

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Jesse Åhlgren

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