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CLV was born in late 2007, when some Scaliger users of the Itlug forum, at the time the first and only Recognized LEGO User Group in Italy, felt the need to find themselves not only virtually, but also physically with some meetings. The LEGO "Veronesi" collectors (the first historical name that gave life to the famous abbreviation) remained in Itlug until the reform of the latter in 2009, when the national LUG became an association and the Scaliger afol decided to completely detach themselves from the rest of the Italian afol . Despite this need for independence, relations with Itlug remained excellent, indeed, it will be the direction of Itlug at the time to start CLV towards the correct path to become a true RLUG. From 21 January 2014 CLV after a long time becomes a RECOGNIZED LEGO USERS GROUP with its LUG AMBASSADOR. Since August 2015, CLV has formalized its territorial "enlargement" and from LEGO Collectors "Veronesi" becomes a LEGO Veneta Community, opening the second section "North East" after the Veronese one. In 2016 CLV LUG became a current association, recognized by law. The RLUG in 2017 has over 40 effective AFOLs in its staff.The official logo sees a winged white San Marco lion all composed of LEGO pieces to proudly remember the origin of the group. https://www.facebook.com/clvlegousergroup/ https://www.instagram.com/clvlegousergroup/ https://twitter.com/clv_lug

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Nicola Rigoni

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