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A group of friends with a common passion for LEGO®, just willing to have fun together!

BrianzaLUG has been founded in 2012, when a "bunch" of friends start to meet on a regular base, both because they share the same passion (LEGO bricks, build together etc) and because they live in the same area.

BrianzaLUG is an open community for all those want to talk about LEGO® brick, build with LEGO® brick and want to learn "everything" about LEGO® brick, building techniques etc. We have no "level" or hierarchy, we not have not fee and everyone is welcome. There is a board (of course), but only for main and strategic decision (such as decide what and or where buy material - banner, t-shirt, flyer etc, decide if or if not setup/partecipate to an event etc). A member is a member and is a friend. Period.

As members (and friends) we "plan" together, we build tgether, we "buy" together and all of us are more than happy to join, meet and work with any other AFOL community, no matter if LUG, RLUG, group or Association. We love build, no matter what.

BrianzaLUG setup/organize event or partecipate to event hosted from other AFOL group with only one goal: "steal" a smile from a "little human being" or from an adult which become again a child itself.

Francesco Frangioja

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Francesco Frangioja

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