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ROOMZ Featuring "Jobs"

Leslie Araujo | PinoyLUG
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Leslie Araujo | PinoyLUG



Metro Manila, Philippines

Open to all! Roomz featuring "Jobs" as the main inspiration in building a room or place of work.

You can post as early as now. But, the contest starts on May 15 to May 31.

ROOMZ (Featuring Jobs) Guidelines:

1. Brick Room should fit on an 8x16 baseplate. No more, no less.

2. After the base, another layer of plate. Then 4 bricks high, then another 4 bricks high MOVED ONE STUD TO THE RIGHT for connection.

3. 1x4 modified tile with 2 studs and tiles on top. ***Optional: door/opening.

4. See following guide photos.

5. Post your entry on this Folder with Title and brief description with #Roomz #Jobs #LetsBuildTogether

10 winners will be picked from this pool. Good luck at stay safe!

*Lego Mini figure images by minifiguremacros





Roomz 2020 - Poster 1.jpg

Roomz 2020 - Poster 2.jpg

Roomz 2020 - Poster 3.jpg

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