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DENLUG @ Colorado Railroad Museum 60th Anniversary

Zach Pharr
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Zach Pharr



17155 W. 44th Avenue, Golden, Colorado, 80403, United States

Visit our display of historical locomotives and trains at the Colorado Railroad Museum's 60th Anniversary celebration. 

Trains featured include:

Steam Locomotives
Chicago Burlington & Quincy No. 5629 (6-stud gauge)
Denver & Rio Grande Western No. 346 (6-stud gauge)
Denver Leadville & Gunnison No. 191 (4-stud gauge)
Manitou & Pikes Peak No. 1
Rio Grande Southern No. 20
Denver & Rio Grande No.491
Denver & Rio Grande Western No. 683
Georgetown Loop No. 14 (6-stud gauge)
Diesel Locomotives
Denver & Rio Grande Western Nos. 5771 & 5762
Georgetown Loop No. 130 (4-stud gauge)
Passenger Cars
Sante Fe Lego Train Set 10022-1 (AT&SF Navajo)
Chicago Burlingon & Quincy Business Car No. 96
Colorado Midland Observation Car No. 111
Denver & Rio Grande Western Coach No. 284
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway Post Office Car No. 60
Union Pacific Coach No. 5442
Union Pacific Diner No. 4801
White Pass & Yukon Route Coach No. 280 (4-stud gauge)
Special Equipment
Chicago Burlington & Quincy snow plow No. 205065
Colorado & Southern rotary snow plow No. 99201 (6-stud gauge)
Rio Grande Southern "Galloping Goose" No. 2
Rio Grande Southern "Galloping Goose" No. 6 (4-stud gauge)
Rio Grande Southern "Galloping Goose" No. 7
South Park Zephyr Motorcar (4-stud gauge)
Denver & Rio Grande Caboose 49 (6-stud gauge)
Colorado & Southern Caboose 1009 (4-stud gauge)
Hogwarts express- non motorized

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