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Welcome to the monthly RebelLUG Prompt Challenge! This competition is held every month throughout 2020. You have 2 hours time to come up with a build around that prompt. Points are earned each month and the one with the most points at the end of the year will be rewarded with a 200 USD/EUR spending amount on the LEGO S&H page. To enter you must join our community discord server: https://discord.gg/K7YAFUC
How it works :
Build a MOC revolving around the prompt of that month.
Prompts are announced at the beginning of the 2 hour period.
Your build, in the time frame given, is completed and sent into the appropriate discord channel.
1st shall be awarded 4 points, 2nd shall be awarded 3 points and 3rd gets 2 points.
Each person who submits an entry automatically gets a point.
MOCs are voted on by the public using an emoji reaction on the photo provided by the builder of the MOC.
You have exactly two hours to send your build in. If it is sent in after this time, they will be deleted.
Voting time is 15 minutes which starts at the end of the 2 hour period when all MOCs are sent in.
The builder with the most points at the end of the year is awarded the grand prize of 200 USD/EUR spending spree on the LEGO S&H page. 
Rules :
One photo of the build must be sent to this channel. 
Build the MOC however big or small you want.
Only builds accepted are new ones, built and uploaded to this channel via photo message. 
You are allowed to build as many entries as you want, but only ONE can win.
If you vote, you may only cast one. If two votes are casted, only the first will count.
No digital entries and only genuine LEGO elements can be used. Custom elements from third party companies are allowed.
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